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Goin’ Japanesque!

Japanese beauty items in Daiso

Am I in eyelash heaven?? No, you’re just in Daiso, and this is not the only manufacturer that makes falsies. 1 dollar eyelashes are great for beginners to learn their ways to makeup! The skincare that has a charcoal mask, is a number 1 seller in the cleansing department, cheap (well, you can’t get cheaper than this!) to high-end. This mask draws out oiliness from your pores and cleanses your face. There are literally TONS of facial masks as well. Masks with vitamins, CoQ10, collagen, you name it. 

What’s this? Cleopatra? Yang Guifei? Cho-Yun Fat? lol. Nah, forget that I mentioned the last person, because here are bath salts to pamper yourselves with. They say they’re gonna dissolve in the bath, making the hot water turn into different colors and fragrance for each beauty icon. Ooh, it has collagen too. I wonder how that’s gonna help in the bath, but it looks fun and I get to choose from a hundred of these. I’ll take my time to choose which one I want to try.

I just realized I’ve spent an entire day at Daiso. 

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