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Selected 9 + 3, Japan’s Beauty Products: Introducing some things you may have never seen before!

Japan’s beauty products are valued highly all over the world. Although the quality is good, the prices are very low. Although there is already lots of information on the internet, as a Japanese person I feel that there are lots of things I can show you. So please, by all means read until the end, and enjoy!



1. Fairy Drops

(フェアリードロップス) – 1000~1200 yen




2. Heroine Makeup: Ten made todoke!

(ヒロインメイク 天まで届け) – 800~1000 yen

Japan’s mascara is very popular worldwide. Not only does it give a long-lasting curl but also makes lashes fluttery and eyes big and bright. Here are two items we recommend.


3. Cotton Swabs

(綿棒) – 100 for 100-200 yen

When it comes to cotton swabs made in Japan, the rods are very firm and yet the cotton is tightly packed so it is possible to remove eye shadow with them if you wish. This is a surprisingly popular product for us Japanese, yet since it’s something one sees every day, it’s not an unusual item either.

Here’s some advice! If you ever stay in a hotel in Japan, some Japanese hotels leave cotton swabs free of charge so feel free to take them with you when you leave!


Skin Care Supplies

4. DHC Cleansing Oil

(DHC 薬用クレンジングオイル) – 2500~2800 Yen each

When applying makeup, a certain necessity is also the removal of it. The item shown here has received a large number of rave reviews thanks to three factors; its feeling when used, cleansing strength and price! The skincare effect it has is outstanding and we really recommend it!



5. Daiso Silicone Moisture Mask

(ダイソー シリコン潤いマスク) – 100 yen

Here it is! An ultra low-cost, high quality item you can get your hands on from Daiso Japan!

How To Use This
There are two ways you can use this!
1. The first use is to overlap the mask, covering your normal sheet mask. If you do this, it allows for long-lasting moisture and prevents evaporation. There is also a hook that can be placed around your ears to prevent the mask from falling from the face.
2. The second way is to apply directly to the face while bathing. This stimulates perspiration in the face, meaning you can expect a sauna-like effect.

Furthermore, the best thing about this mask is that it’s made of Silicone so you can wash it and use it a number of times! All this for 100 yen! It’s really recommended!



6. ‘Hada Bisei’ – Moisture Soak Mask

(肌美精 うるおい浸透マスク) – 1 for 100~200 yen

This pack’s moisturising feeling is also great.



7. ‘Kao’ – ‘Megurizumu’

(花王 めぐりズム) 1 for 70~100 yen

Since almost everyone in this generation uses a computer, I’m sure lots of people feel fatigue in their eyes. This is for you! Yuzu (Japanese citron), rose, lavender, etc. are just some of the fragrances. This product removes the tiredness from your eyes before sleeping. Furthermore, after breaking the seal it becomes warm, meaning that the steam works together with the aroma, giving it a highly relaxing effect!

Here’s an article on Masks: Cool Masks! A Mix of Beauty and Fashion: What’s Hot in Japan Right Now?!



8. HITACHI – Hada CRiE

(日立 ハダクリエ)




9. Panasonic – Steamer nanocare

(パナソニック スチーマー ナノケア)

These two electronics are already very popular, so for now I’m just going to show you what they look like.



Up until now I think there may be some people who know of the nine items I have introduced, but I wonder if anyone knows the three stores representing Kyoto that I’m about to introduce next?

Products from Kyoto are unchanging, traditional Japanese products, commonly without anything unnecessary added to them. From  now I’m going to tell you about three other things I recommend!

10. Yojiya


10-1. Oil Absorbing Paper



10-2. Hand Cream


This is a well established shop that dates back to 1904. It’s very well-known historically for its oil-absorbing paper. Since these organic beauty products are being produced to represent Japan, I have confidence when recommending them. The Japanese-style woman drawn on the paper also has a kind of image that is unforgettable.

10-3. Cafe


In Terminal-1 of Haneda Airport there is a cafe also. Besides beauty products, there are also Japanese sweets that are produced using the mascot character. If you come to Japan remember to drop by for a visit! Official Website: Yojiya


11. Kyoto Chidoriya


Kyoto Chidoriya is also a store that focuses primarily on organic ingredients. They even fuss over the packaging used and the little bird you can see resembles the Twitter logo too, right?

As a Japanese makeup artist active in the States, the store was established by its founder in 1949, meaning that perhaps the Twitter people were inspired from this logo instead? Haha!

11-1. A facial soap


A facial soap made from Adzuki Beans and brown sugar that is very friendly on the skin.

11-2. Eye Serum


This is eye serum, meant for those who worry about the wrinkles around their eyes. This product with its cute, sparkly-eyed packaging is even popular among young men~~ Official Website: Chidoriya





12-1. Lip-balms


This store mixes in more of a contemporary style. These lip-balms are packaged like traditional Japanese sweets. Whilst you enjoy each scent, you can also combat chapped lips. In the picture above, the four flavours are strawberry, ramune soda, bekko caramel candy and matcha! Your lips will become even more charming if you use these!

While paying attention to sweets like Japanese rice cake (mochi), kneaded perfume is stored in these rabbit container. You’ll be popular with one of these in your bag!

Although the nine famous online beauty products are good, we picked these up hoping that you could learn more about traditionally inspired, Japanese products also! If you already knew of these three shops, you must know Japan very well! Official Website: MAMY SANGO

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