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Goin’ Japanesque!

Instant noodles in grocery stores

Yay! Instant noodles as far as the eye (camera) can see! You don’t need to be a chef or a scientist to eat these, I’m sure you all know. The recipe, I believe, is pretty universal….empty soup powder into the container, pour hot water, wait for 3 minutes, and voilá! Your noodles are ready.

But look at all these different flavors and brands! Some just come and go if they’re not popular, and some just has their special spot in the shelf for decades! Let’s see….there’s seafood, miso, salt, kimchi, curry, shrimp, and not just the noodles but dumplings, and udon, soba as well. You can’t find this big of a selection in foreign Asian markets. At least I’ve never seen one.

Here’s a question for all you Naruto fans out there; can you spot his favorite noodle brand? It’s here in the picture! 

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