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Goin’ Japanesque!

Ice Cream Maids in Akihabara?

For just a split second, I thought I read “lychee” and just jumped at the display. I want to think I’m not the only one, but I guess it’s just wishful thinking. Anyone else love lychee by the way?

Japanese figures, especially the detailed ones like in this picture, frequently collaborate with something that suits the character, or an image of something totally random like in this case, a mint chocolate ice cream. The doll’s (I think it’s more of a doll than to call it a mere figure, given the apparent handwork) character is called “Lycee,” which you pronounce like “Li-Se,” and her maid costume seems to be it was SO popular it’s sold out at the moment as you can see. Yes, you gotta fight the hard-core fans to get these if you want them! Some dolls you can pre-order, but almost all of them are limited edition.

By the way, now I’m craving for mojitos. No idea why. lol. 

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