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Japanese curry roux in a box! Simply toss them into the pan

Japanese curry is different from other curries in the world. I’ve seen many Japanese curry restaurants run by Japanese owners in the States. So many people already know how our style is, and if not, we like them thicker compared to other kinds, and we eat it with rice. If you haven’t tried our curry yet, hurry to Coco Ichiban! 

However, how we make it is no secret at all. These boxes are the answer! …, they have the roux for the curry in them. It still is possible to make curry from scratch (although intense amounts of seasoning and ingredients and time are involved), but for normal household cooks, they simply purchase a box of their desired spiciness along with carrots and potatoes, and some meat to go with. Inside this box, you’ll see something like a chocolate bar, but it’s at least 3 times as thick and it’ll be condensed curry. You simply need to put these in boiled water and milk along with the veggies, and bam! Dinner is served. 


How to make Japanese Curry Rice


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