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5 English-Speaking Tokyo Hair Salons where Multinationals Flock

People say that Japanese hair salons are a little expensive compared to those overseas but they give celebrity-level treatment, which surprises a lot of foreign visitors. Of course, there are cheap places too (1 cut for 1,000 yen), but if you’ll be living in Japan in the future then you’ll probably get a significant other and you’ll wanna look good, right? So here are 5 English-speaking hair salons that we recommend. Get the best hairstyle and make your life in Japan all the more fun!


Gold Salon Tokyo

This hair salon is owned by an Australian with over 30 years’ experience. There’s a lot of talk for this place among foreigners living in Japan so the people who come to his store are from all over the world. He’s an expert in Western hair so you can feel comfortable putting your hair in his hands. Very recommended. Cool!

Official Website:


Kenji Suzuki

He worked for 20 years in New York and, upon returning to Japan, now works as a freelance hair stylist. Communication is no problem with his excellent English. New York celebrities trust in him because of his very Japanese level of service and skill.

Official Website:


Sin Den

The hair salon where this Italian beautician set up a shop in Tokyo in 1994. The design is very European. It’s open like a social mixer, making you feel very at ease to chat. If you’ve just arrived to Japan, you can make your first friends here with just a simple haircut!

Official Website:



A hair salon run by an artistic Japanese owner who studied in Australia, London and New York. This place is friendly and fun; it’s filled with smiling faces. They really seem to be having fun! The owner loves music and dance and has a lot of hobbies.

Official Website:



HAYATO, the Japanese owner, has his head office in New York and a branch in London too. Apparently reservations for the New York HQ start 6 months in advance thanks to the American media ( and and local word. I’ve heard people from all over the world will go there. That’s probably the reason it was picked as a “Top 20 Salon” by visitors on Even now it gets support by many New Yorkers. Also, all the staff here are bilingual so it’s known as an international hair salon because of the pairing of communication and skill here.

Official Website:


And those were 5 hair salons that’ll have you grinning and feeling great on your way home!

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