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Gunkanjima, the Site of Live-Action Movie Attack on Titan: A World Heritage Site

Breaking News: on 7/5/2015, Gunkanjima was officially registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

This is Gunkanjima (Battleship Island), located in Nagasaki Prefecture (Official name: Hashima Island). This island that flourished for its coal industry closed and became deserted in 1974 when the main source of energy was replaced for oil.

It has been abandoned and has remained untouched for 40 years since then, which is unusual even around the world.


Looking down on the island from the sky, of course it looks this way, but even looking at it from the inland, it looks just like a battleship. 


1. Movement to Register as a World Heritage Site

Gunkanjima has become the setting for the live-action version of “Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan)” scheduled for release in the summer of 2015. This has helped the island suddenly come into the limelight. And now, the nationwide movement to get the island registered as a world heritage site is gaining momentum. Even if the first reason is an animated series, there is nothing more exciting than the increase of young foreigners being interested in Japanese culture and history. 


2. Back Then



3. Block 30: Japan’s Oldest Reinforced Concrete High-Rise Residence

A particularly valuable building in Gunkanjima is this Block 30 (Sanju Go-to) built in 1916.

The interior has deteriorated due to its old age.

The building is opened up in order to allow light to come in, but it is very dusky.


4. Hashima Elementary School 


This is a school that was built in 1958.


5. Block 65: The Island’s Largest Scale Architectural Structure

The U-shaped structure, Block 65 (Rokuju Go-to) is a 10 story building. 


5-1. The Basement

There are stairs leading to the basement. It shows that the small space of the island was used effectively by optimizing the underground space. 

There are public bath houses and beauty salons that still convey a sense of life. 


6. Items that Express Japan

6-1. Japanese-style room


6-2. Figurine


6-3. Soroban (abacus)


6-4. TV


6-5. Anime Stickers

It is reminiscent of Japan in the Showa Period. 


7. Hashima Jinja (Shrine)


It is as if it is still overlooking the island. 


8. Actual Images of Gunkanjima that was Photographed Using a Drone


Latest Information 6/3

9. Visual of Gunkanjima in 3D Computer Graphics Using the Latest Technology

It may even be used in the game version of the Attack on Titan!


Information: Nagasaki Port/Gunkanjima

Access: Tour boats are operated by multiple companies and depart from various locations in Nagasaki Port, including the Nagasaki Port Ferry Terminal near the Ohato tram stop (3 minutes by tram line 1 from Nagasaki Station) and the Tokiwa Terminal near the Ourakaikandori tram stop (15 minutes by tram line 1 and 5 from Nagasaki Station)

Open: Call and check with Tour Company 

Yamasa Kaiun :095-822-5002
Gunkanjima Cruise :095-827-2470
Gunkanjima Concierge Company :095-895-9300
Seaman Shokai :095-818-1105
**Since the number of trips offered each day are currently very limited, we have provided four unique tour options for you to choose from!

Price: Admission to Gunkanjima (Separate fee applies for tour/ferry to island)
1 to 14 person(s): 300 Yen/adult, 150 Yen/child
15 persons and over: 240 Yen/adult, 120 Yen/child
*Persons over than 15 are considered as adult.

Official Website:

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