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Goin’ Japanesque!

Totoro’s “bento” box

Totoro fans unite! Here’s tons of Totoros, the small Totoros, and the cat bus we all want to take a ride on. Like this store, there are Ghibli themed shops all over Japan, and I have never found one that doesn’t have at least 1 customer inside. “My Neighbor Totoro” has been people’s favorite for ages, and it still carries its popularity and hype to this very day.

The lunchboxes have Ghibli pictures on them too. Remember the “bento” lunchboxes? You might want to pay a little attention when purchasing a lunch box, because some of them come with chopsticks (“hashi”), whereas others don’t. Some are sold separately, like just the box, or just hashis, forks and spoons.

I have a Totoro bento box myself. I wonder why, but I feel like I’m eating something very nutritious when I eat from this bento box, like it’s something Totoro himself gave to me. Ha ha, a little imagination never hurts anyone.

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