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Gamers trained from youth

I suddenly hear laughter of children….some friendly voices that are recorded as well. Could it be….an ice cream truck? Then again I realized that we were in a building, so we headed towards the voices and sounds.

What we came across, was a game arcade made only for little kids. To be more specific, for children that are in kindergarten or younger. They were not roaming free of course; they had their parent’s supervision, but now I figured out why there are so many gamers in Japan. They’ve been training from infancy! lol

Let’s take a look on what kinds of “training” menus they have. 

The Anpanman series still has its loyal fans, in spite of the author passing away recently. RIP, Takashi Yanase. These characters will continue to be the children’s favorite cute little heroes. We see game arcades everywhere in Japan, but those for children? Yes, we sure have’em!

The kids can take a ride on Thomas the train, which is a dream come true for those “plarail” collectors. Other than the train, notice how small each machines are? They all look so miniature like I’ve wondered into where those hobbit’s hang out. I imagined that for a second, and noticed the place seemed less cute, so we’ll stick with the kids. 

Kids love yummies, sometimes more than enjoying games! Well, who can blame them if the arcade had Anpanman popcorn machines like this one! The kids ask their moms to buy one for them, so the mother puts coins in this machine. There’s a handle that the kids can twist, so that they can actually see the corns pop.

There are vending machines for thirsty kids who want to quench themselves with their favorite beverage. You can see apple, grape, and liquefied yogurt on the lowest and middle row and coffee and Minute Maid on the top for their parents if they’re thirsty as well. It even tells you how many calories you’ll be taking for each drink.

Here’s an easy-to-overlook fact; they don’t use any metallic materials. They only use cartons making it less likely for someone to hurt themselves or damage anything. I’m sure the parents don’t want alumni or steel cans flying around when their kids decide to have a fight. 

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