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Goin’ Japanesque!

Part 1: From Inside a Real Japanese Game Center! Cute Items Edition

Calling all lovers of games, anime and all things cute! Today’s special feature is on Japanese game centers. Our first edition is stuffed animals from crane games. Stay tuned–there are more to come!


1. Akihabara SEGA

Akihabara SEGA is famous for its location and structure. Akihabara is anime paradise so you’ll get all you need here! Can you see the yellow Radio-kaikan sign further inward? That’s where you’ll find your paradise especially for figurines!

Here’s an article on Radio-kaikan: High Quality Figures Found in Akihabara: Highlights


Special Photo Selection

The inside of a game center is like this. For this article we picked particularly good photos from a variety of places, not just SEGA! ↓


2. Pokemon


2-1. Pikachu

3 Pikachu Brothers ~


3. Animals


3-1. Pandas

This panda-chan will hold on to your hot cups for you. Do you see “OJIPAN” written on them? That’s short for “ojisan no panda” (uncle panda). He’s growing a mustache… lol


4. Anime Characters

4-1. Chopper

Here’s an article on One Piece: One Piece Page

4-2. Doraemon


4-3. Gudetama-chan

Laying atop an egg white with no motivation to work lol. In Japanese, “gudegude” = to be lazy and “tama(go)” = egg so this guy’s called “Gudetama-chan, haha.

4-4. Haikyu


4-5. Airou


4-6. Love Live

Here’s an article on Love Live: Goods for fans! Use them, collect them – Love Live! – 

Here’s a tip! I’m sure you want to get one of these to take home as a souvenir, right? Well, in that case…
Ask an attendant to put it in a place that’ll be easy for the crane to get! Try looking at them with puppy-dog eyes and say, “Muzukashikute getto dekimasen…” (I can’t get it, it’s too hard…) This is how the Japanese do it!

Click here to continue: Part 2: From Inside a Real Japanese Game Center! Treats & Games Edition

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