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Top 5 Onsen Ryokans for Viewing Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is full of the spirit of Japanese since long ago so it may be drawn in many old art scrolls. You can see it anytime online but we really want you to “live” this beautiful scenery for yourself, together with Japanese culture. We want you to bring back as souvenirs the greatest memories from your trip to Japan. So here are 5 ryokans where you can see the best of Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji can also change appearances by combining the culture of welcoming people (Omotenashi) and Japanese food. Each ryokan has its own unique quality so pick out the one that suits you.


1. Shuhoukaku Kogetsu

秀峰閣 湖月

You won’t be able to get the sight of Mt. Fuji between the pine trees out of your head. This place emphasizes leisure and this year it seems Namu-san (a clown) will come and put on a show. Information: Official WebsiteMap


2. Kozantei Ubuya

湖山亭 うぶや

The best views of Mt. Fuji to give you! A lot of thought went into its construction so Mt. Fuji would be visible from every room. They also have bathrooms that use non-fog glass. And this ryokan’s also said to be a famous place for the “Inverted Mt. Fuji” where Mt. Fuji’s reflected in the lake. This Inverted Fuji is likely a sight you’ve never seen before. Information: Official WebsiteMap


3. Kaneyamaen


The best feature here is the large rotemburo bath on the rooftop, which will take away the tiredness from your body and make you never want to go back to the everyday. And this ryokan is very famous for its large Japanese garden with a natural river running through it. And, if you’re lucky, this is one spot where you can see the Red Mt. Fuji (Aka Fuji: in the early mornings of late summer-early fall it looks red from the rising sun). Information: Official WebsiteMap


4. Hottarakashi Onsen


As the name implies, this onsen is “hottarakashi” (left out by the owner). Unlike the other 4, this isn’t a ryokan—just an onsen. For busy 21st Century people, it’s a real luxury to find something secluded. There are two pools with equally interesting names, “acchi no yu” and “kocchi no yu”. From atop this cliff, you’ll have a very different way of viewing Mt. Fuji. And the panoramic views are amazing! They’re open 1 hour before sunrise so you can see the sunrise + Mt. Fuji while relaxing in the waters. Information: Official WebsiteMap


5. Wakakusa no Yado Maruei

若草の宿 丸栄

If you want to taste real “Omotenashi,” then this ryokan’s for you. This inn’s special for the lovely landlady who is the face of the ryokan. Viewing Mt. Fuji from the wood paneled windows is just like seeing a painting.

They also have kamishibai storytelling, although on an irregular basis. Back in the Showa period, you could regularly see these in a local park but not so much anymore. Children swarm to these shows to watch while munching on dagashi sweets. You’ll have a very precious and rare experience at this ryokan. Information: Official WebsiteMap


We hope that you’ll find this useful in picking a place to stay from one of the 5 we chose.

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