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    If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ve undoubtedly seen–probably even visited–a UNIQLO store. They may seem like a typical clothing store, but UNIQLO is great because it has good quality (and good-looking) items for cheap prices! They’re everywhere in Japan, but they’re also expanding to other countries around the world, too. In my opinion, I feel like they are similar to H&M.

    They’re currently in 8 stores in the US, most of them on the East coast: CA, CT, NY, IL, MA, PA, NJ, WA.

    And you can find a directory of the 16 countries they’re currently in here: http://www.uniqlo.com/au/shop/


    So, have you ever been to a UNIQLO in Japan? What about one in your own country? If you’ve been to both, did you notice any difference?

    Goin’ Japanesque!
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    The Well of Ascension | Brandon Sanderson | 9781250318572

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