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Goin’ Japanesque!

Goin’ Japanesque! Forum Rules and Guidelines

These rules and guidelines apply to all areas of the Goin’ Japanesque! forum in both public and private threads. Users who participate in the forums agree to follow these rules and guidelines.

The forum moderators reserve the right to alter or change these rules if it becomes necessary. The forum moderators may also edit, delete, or move any content or forum posts they find to be inappropriately categorized or breaking one or more of the forum rules or guidelines.


General Rules

This forum is for users who love Japan. It is meant for sharing information and creating a community of like-minded people. In order to make all members feel welcome, do not do any of the following:

  • Flame, insult, threaten or harass other users
  • Purposefully derail a thread’s topic
  • Post links to phishing sites or links to websites forbidden by law
  • Repetitively post in the incorrect thread
  • Promote your own website or content through the forums, or privately to users


Posting Guidelines

Do not post any topics/replies containing the following:

  • Porn, inappropriate or offensive content, anything not safe for school/work, viruses or malware
  • Material or content that is copyrighted or not owned by the original poster
  • Threats of violence or harassment toward anyone, even as a joke
  • Abusive, racist or discriminatory language, including swearing
  • References to illegal drugs or illegal alcohol usage


No Backseat Moderating

If you observe any users breaking the forum rules or guidelines, please do not handle it yourself. Contact a forum moderator and have them enforce the forum rules and handle the person(s) in question.


Report Users Breaking the Rules and Guidelines

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