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5 Sets of Japan’s Famous Food Mixes to Get New Flavors

This article is about fun food mixing to get different flavors, tested by Japanese. There are actually tremendous numbers of episodes, but of those, we have selected those that are more representative of the real food it’s trying to imitate, and it’s tried and tested to be good-tasting! We would love for you to actually try them and if you have any famous mixes from your country, please share them with us Japanese.


Milk + Takuan (Daikon Pickles)=??






Answer: Corn Potage Soup

Takuan is a traditional Japanese daikon-radish pickle. It can act as a side dish to your rice as well as a palette cleanser. It’s often seen in the corner of a bento-box.

Take that takuan and put a whole lot into heated milk. Leave it for some time and allow the flavors to come out. Then don’t eat the takuan but just drink the milk. You’ll find it’s turned into a corn potage soup! 


Avocado + Soy Sauce =??






Answer: Otoro (Fatty Tuna)

I’m sure you know how good these pair up because they’re often used in California rolls. It is also famous in Japan that the flavor turns into that of the otoro(fatty tuna) the most premium part of the tuna. But of course, you have to try premium otoro at least once around the Ginza Area in Japan! Even Japanese are surprised at how tasty it is. 


Custard Pudding + Soy Sauce =??






Answer: Uni (Sea Urchin)

This combination is, to be honest…not that good. But of the 5, it’s probably the most famous. If you’re Japanese, this is one that you’re sure to have heard of which is why it’s listed here. 


Soy Milk + Honey + White Miso =??








Answer: Amazake

Amazake is a traditional sweet drink of Japan. Even though there is the word “sake” in its name, the alcohol content is not very high. You often see members of the local government bodies handing them out during festivals or during hatsumode (New Year’s visit to the shrine). 
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The white miso gives off the look of the sake-kasu (sake-lees) and the appearance turns just like amazake. The sweetness of the soy milk and honey is just right. And it’s very healthy and good for you! It’s a recommended recipe. 


Vanilla Ice Cream + Soy Sauce =??






Answer: Mitarashi Dango (Dumpling with Sauce)

A traditional wagashi (Japanese sweets), “mitarashi dango”. You all must know that the combination of the sauce and the dango (dumplings) are a really good match. 
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Using a relatively large serving of soy sauce gives a thicker consistency and the taste become closer to that of the mitarashi. So good! In fact in Japan they sell soy sauce specifically for ice cream. 


Pickles, soy sauce, sushi, miso, sake, wagashi… if you have everyone try it at a party or an event, it may get pretty exciting, so try it! If something was good or something was bad, or if you had any other thoughts at all, please do let us know if you try it. 

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