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High Quality Figures Found in Akihabara: Highlights

Today I’ve come to Akihabara. The Akihabara area is called a haven for otaku, teeming with anime and manga-related goods and information. I’ve been to many places but even I was surprised by the amount of people and such a complete collection of figurines! But more than that is just the fun atmosphere of this town!


Radio Kaikan

Walk 1-2 minutes from JR Akihabara Station and you’ll find Sekai no Radio Kaikan. The fact that its name contains “Sekai no” (meaning “The World’s”) attests to this being the No. 1 place to go in Akihabara for truly top class anime goods assorted here. Well, let’s take a look inside. 

1. Figures zone

There’s a staggering amount of figurines behind the showcases. There must be hundreds of thousands of them… And the number of people here rivaled that number lol. Looks like everyone’s having fun!

Take a look at just a small portion of photos I picked out. 

2. Hatsune Miku

I found Miku-chan! 

3. Naruto Team

It’s the Naruto team~ Personally, I love Kakashi!

4. Figures Party

How many characters do you recognize? There’s quite a few for enthusiasts~

One Piece, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Evangelion, Bakemonogatari, Gintama, Ultraman… 

There’s a lot of Ranma ½ here. And I can see Card Captor Sakura’s wand, too. Her face got cut off but the figurine in the upper-middle of the photo in yellow clothes must be Space Battleship Yamato No.2199, Yuki Mori (Ship Uniform Ver.)!

Sailor Moon, K-ON, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Hunter×Hunter, Pokemon… Just how many are there?! lol

5. Evangelion & Attack on Titan


6. Dragon Ball

Regardless of their age, sex or nationality, everyone knows about Dragon Ball! I wonder if there’s anyone on this earth who doesn’t know about it? lol My favorite’s Frieza and the Battle on Planet Namek!

7. High quality dolls (Kimono Ver.)

Collaborating with kimonos isn’t fair!! These are more like dolls than figurines… So artistic and beautiful!

8. Display Zone

I found the mystical Display Zone! I feel some sort of power here… 

9. Maid & Harajuku Style




I found a group of foreign tourists playing Nintendo 3DS’s, sitting before the figurine display case and said hello. I came across a lot more visitors with their eyes glued to all the figurines but it was so crowded that I’d take a step toward them and bump into someone so I didn’t get to talk to them at all… I couldn’t speak much to these girls either but I thank them for letting me take their picture! They look so fun and really brightened my day! 



I was so entranced by everything that time flew by. By the time I left, it was already pitch black…

1. Ekkusu (X) in Akihabara

Just as I was leaving, I spotted Ekkusu (X). And so did a foreign tourist. 

If you love Nendoroids then you gotta check out this place!

2. Maid cosplayer

A maid spotted downtown! 


I want to come back to Akihabara—it’s so fun! But it’s getting dark now so it’s time I go!

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