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Are you my master? Saber Lily

I can’t stop gawking at this Saber Lily figure. I’ve never seen this one, or heard of it either. Unfortunately I can’t be her master because I forgot how much the figure was, and this picture’s not helping. lol.

These figure stores sure surprise you once you take a step in. Sure, there are popular figures at the moment, but they also have old ones that they become so rare. So if you’re looking for a figure you couldn’t purchase in the past and got discontinued, or trying to get something other than figures like stickers, key chains, plastic files that hold paper and whatnot, I can’t stress this enough but Akihabara is the place!


Fate/stay night Promotion Video


Fate/stay night Promotion Video -Second-


Fate/stay night Promotion Video -Third-


Fate/stay night CM 1-7


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