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Socks are part of fashion

I stumbled upon a most unique store of all time. That is, an exclusive store just for socks! No, they don’t have anything else, because socks are their one and only specialty. You sure get character from each pair; it’s almost like being in a museum, seriously. And looking around, you can see why in an instant because all of the items are perfecto en calidad (perfect in quality)! 

Aww, look at these adorable faces on your heels. The kawaiiness is too much for me to handle, here! I can’t axe kick anyone because I’ll be hurting these kitties when I execute my move. lol. I guess it’s no fatality while wearing these. Keepin’ it zen and peaceful. [margin_60b]

“Kutsushita-ya” produced by Tabio

Official HP: Tabio

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