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Ehou-makis: Rule-bound sushi eating

You’ll see thick sushi rolls if you stroll in the markets or even convenience stores like 7-11 today. What, is it some kind of sushi day? I thought today was “setsubun,” you might think. These sushi rolls are called “ehou-maki”s, originating in Osaka, the Kansai Area of Japan.

It’s said the ehou-maki is made of 7 ingredients, which alters each year. People will eat these giant rolls for dinner, and there are certain unique rules to follow when doing so:

  • Rule 1. You must not talk, or even speak a word when eating. When you’re finished with the entire ehou-maki, only then you are allowed to say something.
  • Rule 2. You must devour your ehou-maki facing the direction that is determined each year. This direction is said to be where the evil fled.


So basically, after you’ve chased away the evil “oni”s, you’re going to eat the ehou-maki for prosper and luck. The direction changes every year; last year was east-northeast, and this year is west-southwest. It’s a pretty fun sight when you see people munching on a huge roll of sushi without a word, facing the exact same “One Direction” like moais in the Easter Island. 

Please, don’t tell me they’re sold out! I came all the way here to buy ehou-makis, because rumor says that the ones in this store are simply delicious! Uh-oh, I see a troop of mothers and housewives surrounding the ehou-maki area. I have a baaaaad feeling about this….

Noooooo! I was too late, there’s hardly anything left. I know there must be people other than those ladies who bought them, but they took all the yummy ones! Well, I guess they had to buy one for everybody in the family.

Next year, I’ll be feasting upon my favorite ehou-makis. Till then, I’LL BE BACK. 

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