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4 Additional Pieces of Info on Japanese Dumplings—the Latest European Craze!

Did you know that recently Japanese dumplings (called “gyoza”) have begun to receive attention from all over the world? When we think of gyoza, two kinds stand above the rest: those from Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture and Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture.

But we’re not just going to talk about gyoza. We Japanese are going to tell you useful info that you won’t know. I especially want you to read 3 and 4 so make sure you go till the very end :)


1. Raviolis Japonais

Gyoza are especially popular in Europe. They’re being affectionately dubbed “raviolis japonais” because they resemble Italian ravioli.


2. Which do you like?


Tip 1
Japanese will tell you the best gyoza are these, hanatsuki gyoza (“gyoza with wings”). They’re so crisp! They’re made with the “wings” left purposefully on but, actually, it’s pretty hard to make this kind.


3. Dumpling Maker

Restaurant gyoza’s naturally good. However…

In Daiso…


Tip 2
This item will let you easily make gyoza by just folding them closed, and it only costs 100 yen!

They all come out beautifully. Have fun making the gyoza wrappers as a family!


4. White Gyoza


And here’s now some info you probably don’t know.

This is White Gyoza, a store in Noda, Chiba Prefecture. Noda is famous as the place for the soy sauce Kikkoman Factory. If you look at the signs standing outside… they’ll likely sell out of gyoza at 10AM?! The store opens at 9AM and sells out in 1 hour. And this is every day!

So then what ARE white gyoza? ↓


Tip 3
These are white gyoza. Don’t let their appearance fool you! They may look strange but their wrappers are thicker than normal, springy and so good! And here “white” isn’t referring to the color.


Best Way to Eat 4
Shichimi spice goes well with them. And keep the white rice coming! They go together excellently so be sure to try some!

We hope you enjoyed the recommendations we wholeheartedly made and info we gave on how to eat gyoza. Information: MapOfficial Website

*They have several restaurants.

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