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Goin’ Japanesque!

DonQui, the palace of unforgettable theme songs

It’s dark. All you see is…… 

Costumes and makeup are some of the major fortes of DonQui (Japanese abbreviation of “Don Quijote”). The stores scatter all around Japan, and some locations have crazy sales going on! You can purchase a full 500ml (16.9 ounce) of drinks for just 50 yen!

Makeup sometimes comes in a very low price and variety as well, so keep your eye open when you shop here (literally, especially for mascaras!). They basically have anything, from toys to training machines, perfumes, rice cookers, and other electronics. 

Yes, they’ve got Prada in DonQui. And yes, that’s the abbreviated version of “Don Quijote,” the proper name of the store. Now I know what you’re thinking…. Why not call the whole name? Did Cervantes approve of this? What happened to Sancho? The way people abbreviate always reminds me of “Alpa,” as in “Alpa Chino” from “Tropic Thunder.” (love that movie)

Fear not, for all your worries will blast away the moment the store’s theme song starts to play. It’s a tune SO unique, that often times foreigners fail to leave the chorus behind when they return to their home countries. It just keeps playing in your head, even for the strongest of minds. Come on in, and listen closely…. 

Entering the gigantic store, you might get a similar feeling when you enter “aahs!,” mixed with a small teaspoon amount of “Urban Outfitters.” I wish I could say the price range is close to “K-Mart,” but it’s slightly more towards “Target.” Are you still with me? 

Everyone’s favorite, gacha machines can be found in DonQui. The gacha’s theme and figures are frequently updated, since everyone likes new stuff. Key chains and figures are a main product when it comes to gacha, but sometimes you can come across some unique stuff. 

And we push onward into more japanesque……


Don Quijote Theme Songs :D (ドン・キホーテ テーマソング)


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