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Goin’ Japanesque!

It’s not High-Grade Sushi or Conveyor Belt Sushi—It’s Delivery Sushi!

Actually, there are many times where I’ll eat delivery sushi on a daily basis in Japan. It’s delivered to your house like pizza so you can have it like fast food.

The sushi is put in a bucket called an “oke” and brought to you. The typical order for delivery sushi is in a set.

You can also order individual ones like at a kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) place. I love salmon roe called “ikura” so I added them! Looks like they’re gonna spill out~

From left, kanpyo-maki, inari-sushi aaaaand maguro-chirashi! It also comes with Japanese soup. 

Everyone was so hungry so we ended up getting convenience store temaki sushi lol

Try it when you’re in Japan!

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Goin’ Japanesque!

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