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Must-See for Cosplayers! Nippori Textile Town: Crowds Now Gathering in Japan

The huge number of cosplayers across the world may come as a shock to those who don’t cosplay… From the characters to the costumes, you can do exactly as pleases you. It may be the best place for creating a new you and forgetting about your everyday life.


1. Ikebukuro Cosplay Festival

Cosplay Festival is going on even here in Ikebukuro, Japan. The picture is from Halloween with the red carpet laid out. …Even the security officer joined in on the fun. lol

Enjoy the following photos of my favorite cosplayers—they’re having so much fun!



The plaza is SO crowded! It’s useful as a place for sharing information. So long as you share the same interests, nationality, sex, age, and language don’t matter. Everyone gets along!

Shopping Street


Hello ~ :)

3 Evangelion Girls

Even kids as young as this guy join in :)


2. If you want to buy fabric…

So, up till now, I’ve been introducing the festival. But that’s what every site shows you—if we did that, it’d be so boring.

In fact, gaudy towns like Ikebukuro and Akihabara have long contrasted with this low-laying part of the city where cosplayers gather. That’s right! Nippori!

This is Nippori Textile Town where, even to this day, there are fabric wholesalers that began long ago. For many cosplayers who wear costumes they make themselves, this is absolute heaven! Have you ever heard of it?

Even around here, Tomato is particularly famous.

They have everything from bargain-priced fabric for 1m/100 yen to high-quality fabrics that go for 1m/10,000+ yen. You can pick from over 80,000 varieties. Talk about cosplayer heaven!


3. Special Photo Selection

Finally, take a look at these cosplayers dressed as characters from very famous anime

One Piece

Nami’s looking good lol


So spot-on!

Dragon Ball

Hahaha, fighting poses!

Attack on Titan


Probably most of the young people buying fabric at Nippori are cosplayers. So much so that they’ve started to make exclusive areas for them!

Information: Tomato

Address: 6-44-6 Higashinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
[label style=”3″]Nearest station[/label]: JR Nippori Station
Open: 10:00 – 18:00 (Closed: Sunday)
Phone: 03-3805-2366

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