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Cool Masks! A Mix of Beauty and Fashion: What’s Hot in Japan Right Now?!

Today’s information is regarding faces. You must already be aware that the Japanese wear masks year-round even if they’re not sick. The masks have become more and more diversified and it has become known to the world as a part of fashion. This year, in 2015, Japan’s trend is black and animal print!

And to add, there’s more information about next generation products that are hot right now!


Popular Masks from 2015

1. Black Masks



2. Animal Masks



Next Generation Face Masks

3. Kabuki Face Pack

Traditional Kabuki Print face mask! The vivid design gives the feeling of being fully made up but also is functional as a mask. It’s infused with hyaluronic acid and collagen.

I think it’s cool! 


4. Animal Face Pack

The animal trend can be seen here too. Overseas models show they love it on Instagram! 


5. Fashion Face Pack


It seems Japanese love colors after all, lol. 



6. Attack on Titan Face Pack

Yikes!! Lol

Which one did you like? Contact us if there are any of you who want these :)

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