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For Chogokin fans, super fusion Doraemon and Hello Kitty…

Ref. The Asahi Shimbun Digital

If you’re a big-time collector for Japanese figures, then you might know the “Chogokin series” that are Bandai’s staples. This time, they came up with an even crazier figure, like this robot that’s solely made out of Fujiko F. Fujio characters!

You might recognize Doraemon, but how many else do you know? This item is to be sold from approximately $150~ , for celebrating his 80th birthday to come.

The chogokin series itself has 40 years of history, and its highlight series are well known and loved today. Chogokin series such as “Mazinger Z,” “Hello Kitty” are just to name a few. [margin_60b]

Chogokin robot – Doraemon


Chogokin robot – Hello Kitty


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