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Places to See in Kanazawa & Tips to Get Around Easily

Kanazawa has many places you should see. It’s always fun to plan your trip and route the way you like but we also have some tips to share. Store them away in your brain and they’ll be sure to help your travels!


Higashi Chaya-gai



Nishi Chaya-gai



Kazuemachi Chaya-gai


This is Chaya-gai in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It’s a famous tourist spot, ranked with the Kenroku-en Garden and Kanazawa Castle so it’s definitely a place to visit. Its nice, old streets are well-maintained for tourists and it’s sure to leave an impression.

Tip 1, Here are the best seasons and times for visiting:

Best Seasons: Spring (Sakura) and Winter (Snow)
You probably think the sakura season is a no-brainer. But, the winter snow is also amazing. The pathos is everywhere.

Best times: Evening
It changes to a magical place with the light seeping from everywhere.


The many hills

Those of you who have been to Japan several times see the hills as an expert. To the people of Kanazawa, it’s a part of their lives that can’t be missed.

1. Kikou-zaka


A hill road that leads to Mt. Utatsu.

2. Kogi-saka


A hill road leading to Mt. Utatsu, Korai-machi, from Utasu Shrine on Higashiyama.

3. Ishikiri-zaka


Cross the Sakura Bridge spanning the Sai River and soon you’ll find the Teramachi Plateau. A hill road leads to the Teramachi Plateau. It’s called the W Slope from its appearance.

4. Kuragari-zaka


It’s called “the dark slope” (kuragari-zaka) because this hill road has some areas where the sun doesn’t hit even in the middle of the day.

5. Daijoji-zaka


At the bottom of this hill is Daijoji Temple, hence the name.

Tip 2
Don’t just look—walk them too! It may be tough but it’s good for your health and you’ll be able to meet the townspeople.




Tip 3
There are canals everywhere in Kanazawa that bring the city to life. They may look like the ones in Kyoto but those who are knowledgeable of Japan will likely feel a difference between here and Kyoto.


In conclusion

・The tourist attractions are concentrated in a 10-15 minute walk with Kenroku-en Garden at the center so after you’ve visited Kenroku-en and Kanazawa Castle, you should go to Chaya-gai in the evening.

Why? 1: You can see the evening light.
Why? 2: When you’re tired, it’s perfect for taking a rest. → In preparation

・I hope you can experience the beauty of this city with its hills and canals.


And there’s a ninja temple near Nishi Chaya-gai.
6 Highlights Specific to Myoryuji aka Ninja Temple and A Word of Caution

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