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Character cards; worth collecting

I spoke briefly about fan goods are not only figures, although they are undoubtedly the most popular. These happen to be another genre of merchandise, and as you can see from the picture, they’re cards.

The Dragonball cards are clearly for playing against another, since they show numbers of “lifepoints” and “power.” Unfortunately I don’t have any knowledge of the rules, but I know cardgames are popular throughout the world. Reminds me of the series “Yu-Gi-Oh!”

The other cards we see here are just your ordinary playing cards, I guess. When you take a look at the price, I don’t think they’re sold one by one for these girls to have an intense battle. lol. These girls are mainly characters from “Love Live” and “The Idolmaster.” Both Dragonball and these playing cards are good collectable items, especially if you like the pictures on them. [margin_30b]

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