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Goin’ Japanesque!


Bullet train, all the way to Shin-Osaka!

Remember in the beginning part of the movie “Inception,” Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Saito…er, Ken Watanabe was on a train in Japan? Well my dear readers, THAT’S the famous Japanese bullet train. In the film it’s portrayed that there are slight movements of the arms, or swaying bodies to enhance the effect of being in and out of a dream, but if you go on the train for real you won’t be feeling any of that.

The ride is so smooth and still,, you won’t be feeling that the train is moving at all! You’d be worried if the train has left on time if you don’t look outside the window, which the scenery just flies before your eyes.

The only movement, or shall I say “impact” that you may feel during your ride is when you come across another bullet train heading where you came from. I’m not exaggerating to say that it feels and sounds like some kind of major explosion just happened. BOOM!!

The technology that makes your journey on the train like nothing else is capturing many eyes of engineers across the globe. Many countries hold conferences to import this Japanese highly skilled technology.

So be sure to take a ride on this cutting edge technology that the world wants quite desperately. I’m sure it will be something you’d never forget. Maybe you’d be so impressed by the experience, you’ll be wishing to dream about it. [margin_60b]

Shin-Osaka Station, HIKARI and NOZOMI

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Takoyakis for your empty stomach!

   Anyone in for a traditional snack from Osaka, Japan?
   Then welcome to “Gin-dako,” a signature takoyaki shop popular to all generations in this country. If you don’t know what a “takoyaki” is, it’s basically a flour ball with lots and lots of yummies in it! Pickeled ginger, green onions, scraps of tempura, oh and let’s not forget the highlight, the “taKo(octopus).”
   Before your face twitches, I’d like to let you know the fact that foreigners from all over the world actually come to Osaka for these! Yes, that means they love’m and can’t get enough.
   Today, there are all sorts of variation in recipes of takoyaki; some don’t even have octopus in them. Instead, the people get creative and try putting cheese, meat, bacon… you name it!
   This traditional and unique snack can be seen in festivals and events throughout the country, but people (including Japanese and foreign) say that the origin’s takoyaki is the best. So next time you come to Japan, drop by Osaka to taste this delicious trademark that we have. I promise you, you’ll be falling in love with it. 

   What in the world is this? It sure isn’t for making waffles, is it?
   It’s actually a “Takoyaki-maker” that can make takoyakis at your own home. You don’t have to go out to buy takoyakis anymore, since if you have this beauty, you can make your own anytime.
   The best part is, of course, that you can customize the takoyaki to your liking; whether it has tons of takos, katsuo-bushis, agedamas, ao-noris, and the list goes on. Heck, you can even improvise and make a hidden-recipe takoyaki that no one can copy! Put cheese in them, meatballs while you’re at it, do whatever you like and get creative!
   What kind of takoyakis would you want to create? 


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