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-Breaking News- Ever heard of “Carp Girls”?: Foreseeing a Major Boom in Japan!

Photos: Carp Joshi-kai Official FB Page

Have you ever heard of “Carp Girls”? Carp refers to the Hiroshima Toyo Carps (a professional Japanese baseball team).

Japanese professional baseball has been especially popular with elderly men. However, recently there’s been a growing boom of young female fans in their teens-20s. This is truly breaking news! Many say that the reason behind these women having an interest in the Carps is because of all the good-looking players on the team and there seems to be many girls who don’t know the rules of baseball lol. But everyone’s having a good time so it’s all OK!

And, because of these girls, it was reported on the news the other day that tickets sold out—something that’s never happened before. Talk about youth power! Professional baseball in Japan is facing a major turning point. This is THE hottest topic in Japan right now.


1. Support

Ouen 応援

Some Carp Girls. Looks like they’re having fun! Their oversized red uniforms are so cute it grabs at the heart!


2. TV coverage under a Thick Rope



3. Praying for Victory at a Shinto Shrine


Visiting shrines the Japanese way, praying for their team’s victory.


4. Collaboration Items

Promotional items are very popular and new ones are always going on sale.

4-1. Umeshu (plum wine)


The Carp Girls produce this umeshu so it’s easy for women to handle.

4-2. Happi coat with Koi Design


You already noticed that carp = koi, right?


5. From TV Reports

This picture shows promotional items already sold out.

5-1. Original caps

There are over 50 different kinds! There are even ones with pictures of the players.

5-2. Line Markers

Currently on sale, it’s begun to be used for schools’ sports days and boy’s baseball.

5-3. Kendama


Hiroshima is the place where the worldwide kendama boom originated. Right now there’s a flood of orders from overseas for kendamas with the Carp logo!

Be sure to check out the Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium (MAZDA Zoom-Zoom) and show your support (オウエン) when you visit Japan! It’s a lot of fun with a ton of events happening inside!

Information: MAZDA Zoom-Zoom

Address: 2-3-1 Minamikaniya, Minami-ku Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Phone: 082-568-2777
Official Website: Hiroshima Toyo Carp

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