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5 Café Recommendations in Higashi Chaya District that Offers Premium Wagashi

Kanazawa has so many wonderful places that you cannot see them all in one day. They are also places that are better visited on foot so you may end up being a little tired. We have selected 5 cafes we recommend which are perfect for getting a little rest when you’re tired and which also serves the best wagashi (traditional Japanese confections)! It is recommended to visit later in the day, around early evening.

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1. Issho


A specialty tea shop famous for the Kagabou-cha tea. An excellent match between the tea with its toasty fragrance and artistic wagashi that can stand as artwork! 
Information: Map


2. Nakataya



Nakataya is famous for the kintsuba. They use a type of azuki bean called the dainagon azuki, so it is a sophisticated sweetness. The skin around it is quite thin. They also have seasonal versions offered for limited times of the year such as the sakura (cherry blossom) and uguisu (sweetened green beans) so we recommend you try it if you’re lucky enough to catch these in season. 
Information: Map


3. Kansonan


This is a tea house that is inside Shima which was built in the 3rd year of the Bunsei period (1820). Enjoy a quiet moment gazing at the garden, inside a Japanese-style space left in its original state since the old days. 
Information: Map


4. Chayu 


This is a shop specializing in ice cream which uses local ingredients of Kanazawa. It is also recommended sandwiched in the monaka-wafers!
Information: Map


5. Kureha


This is a shop where you can have matcha green tea and premium un-baked sweets. The tatami-room on the 2nd floor is a spacious area where you can stretch your legs and relax. Perfect for a little break. You can have a little rest while looking down on the street. How about adding a matcha dango (green tea dumpling) to go with your break? 
Information: Map


Other than the above 5 we introduced, there are many good shops located in Chaya district. Do let us know if you find your own favorite:)

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