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Bunkasai; high school’s major event!

If you’re familiar with Japanese school life from anime, manga, movies or even video games, then you might be familiar with this festive event. Yes, it’s the school festival, often called as “bunkasai,” where each classroom performs or sells yummy goodies for cheap like a summer festival. But this time, it’s high school style!

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you happen to bump into these school-related events, because you’ll get to experience how it feels like to be on campus just like the students do in their everyday lives.

Treat yourself to student hand-made ramens, onigiris (rice balls), mochis, Hiro’s kitchen, … wait, Hiro’s kitchen? I wonder what Hiro served there, because Hiro looks so cool just looking at his face pic, yet there’s no one available. Hmm, I guess it’s one of those mysteries that schools have, the usual creepypastas.

These pictures show that this particular all-girls school had a festival that was pretty huge in scale. Not only the food stands were there, but you can see the lights in the classrooms, which means some classes came up with entertainment indoors. Some activities I’ve seen are musicals (of course performed by students), haunted house, quiz contests, art/photo galleries, dance and music.

Well if that’s the case, what are you waiting for? It’s your chance to venture into Japanese school buildings! You’d be surprised to see the resemblance that can be seen in the medias I mentioned in the beginning. For me, it gives me chills down my spine whenever I visit those school hallways, ever since I played that horror game “The Calling.” Map

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