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Bookstore in Japan

Take a wild guess what kind of store this is. Yup, you got it right. It’s a bookstore! (uh…duh?) People here in Japan just looooooove, luv, LOVE to read, so it’s not uncommon if you happen to come across an entire building that’s dedicated to selling books. This place is not the case though, but it is a humongous store. They even have maps of the place and sections placed for each genre or type of book you’re looking for.

Just look at the cash register area. See something similar to that of a grocery store? The shop places the bestsellers and the top-reads of the week/month hoping that people in line will purchase one additional read to keep themselves ahead in the game. Keep in mind that these people read the papers everyday too! Do I sense some “reading OD”s here? 

The bookstore is sectioned depending on genres, but there are places within the store that you can take a look-see if you want to buy it or not. Here is an example, and we can see that people are using it. There are often children’s soft seats in front of shelves that have picture books, so that the mother or father and the child can both decide on what to get. Cute picture, I tell you.

And of course, here we see our beloved manga section. If a manga gets popular enough, every cover of each volume in the series will be allowed to show its cover. Simple marketing strategy, but think about it. Doesn’t this make you wanna dive right in the books and just swim like Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales? …OK, so it’s just me. lol 

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