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Goin’ Japanesque!

Attack on Titan, everywhere you look


This trend never seems to cease, does it? Even now that the anime has ended, and the manga marking its new direction, the craze just keeps flooding and never ebbs. Here’s some fine figures of Attack on Titan found in game arcades. Just like One Piece, you can make scenes from the original story, as in this one.

I found the poster kinda funny, cuz you get the young and frolicking teens on the right side, whereas you get the older and senior members on the left. lol Oh, I wish I can be on the youthful side, although one guy seems to be seriously pissed. 

“Puccho”s are one of the staple Japanese soft candies, and I highly recommend them! But these are different. Taking a closer look……. 

O mein Freund! Jetzt hier ist enin sieg (AoT op) on Pucchos! 


 “Puccho” Attack on Titan Ver. (ぷっちょ)

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