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Feel the Japanese Summer! Atsuta Festival: Fireworks for an Instant Natsu Mode!

Today we introduce a fireworks festival that is held in Atsuta Jingu Shrine of Nagoya! Atsuta Jingu holds about 70 events annually, and the Atsuta Matsuri (festival) or Shobusai is held to signal the coming of summer. There is a tradition among the locals that this festival is the first day they wear their yukata (summer kimono) for the summer.


Atsuta Festival

1. Shobusai


It starts with the Reisai during the day and towards the evening they have the kento-makiwara, hanabi (fireworks), and many other events (to be introduced below). Its participants are not only limited to the citizens of Nagoya, but people gather from areas around and it creates a lot of excitement. The size of the event was of 250,000 people! 


2. Reisai


First of all, there is the Reisai at 10AM. They have various events to offer to the divinity. Archery, judo, kendo, sumo, horticulture, haiku… It is just perfect for people that are interested in Japanese tradition and history!


2-1. Dedicatory Musical Performance of the Atsuta Kagura (Shinto music)



2-2. Street Vendors


It’s recommended to shop around the different vendors wearing a yukata and with a uchiwa (fan) in your hand! 


3. Kento Makiwara


Starting at dusk, the kento-makiwara is illuminated at each gate. 

There are 5 floats in total, and for each float, there are 365 lanterns lit up to ward of disease and to wish for one’ health for the entire year. 

This is how it looks when they are making it. 


4. Hanabi (Fireworks) Festival


At night time, they shoot 1,000 fireworks from the shrine’s park!!!
There is no admission into the park on the day of the fireworks, so it is recommended to view the event from afar. It looks quite astonishing even in pictures! You can almost hear the sound of the fireworks!

atsuta-matsuri-hanabi-1 atsuta-matsuri-hanabi
Once you get your yukata on, and see the fireworks, you can suddenly get the feel of summer! 

Information: Atsuta Jingu Shrine

Address: 1-1-1 Jingu, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture
Access: Nagoya (JR Chuo Mainline) >> Kanayama >> Nagoya Subway Meijo Line Jingu-nishi Station, exit #2 – 5 minutes walk
Nagoya (JR Chuo Mainline) >> Kanayama >> Meitetsu Mainline Jingu-mae Station, 3 minutes walk
Date/Time: Reisai(Dedicatory Events) 6/5 10:00
Fireworks(Within the Jingu park) 6/6 19:40~20:30 
Phone: 052-671-4153
Official Website:

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