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The Great Wisteria Festival Begins! Visit the Most Mystical Flower Park in Japan! – Ashikaga Flower Park

Today I’m going to share with you one place you absolutely must visit when you come to Japan. And that’s Ashikaga Flower Park! This theme park was the only place in Japan picked by CNN’s “Dream Destinations for 2014”.

As you’d expect from something this popular, it has a few unique points to it.

1. The entrance fee is determined every morning at 7am so it changes slightly from day to day.
2. The opening times also change slightly each day. It could be from early in the morning till late at night, or anything in-between.
3. They’re constantly providing updates on the flower status. You can check their statuses at standard intervals.

These particularities are a show of their dedication to providing guests with the best flowers. Of course, the flowers will be better on days when the admission is higher so we’d recommend you go then. The average cost is around 900 yen but sometimes it’ll be over 1,000 yen.

And this park has 8 flower themes throughout the year. Within that, the best time I want you to consider visiting is April to May and October to February. Check out what the park’s like then with these pictures!


The Great Wisteria Festival (April 18 ~ May 17)

The Wisteria Festival has finally begun this year! Over 350 wisteria flowers mark the festival’s opening!

Pale red wisteria


Great wisteria – Monument Large wisteria trellis of 1000㎡

This is the Great Wisteria, it’s 150-years-old and spreads as wide as 600 tatami mats. It’s so heart-stoppingly beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s real. (The topmost picture is the Great Wisteria lit up.)

White wisteria – 80m (length) tunnel

It’s just like a chandelier! It’d be so amazing to get married here~

Kibana wisteria – 80m (length) tunnel

So many colorful wisteria flowers pop into view. You’ve got to come and experience this mystical world out for yourself!


Illumination (October ~ February)

Ashikaga Flower Park is also recognized as one of the top 3 places in the Kanto region for illuminations. There aren’t a lot of flowers in winter so they came up with this brilliant idea to keep guests entertained. It takes on a very romantic appearance and is popular with couples in Christmas.


In the garden


After reading this article, I’m sure there’s no one left out there who doesn’t want to go to this park. But let me say it again so you don’t forget… this is one place you absolutely must visit when you come to Japan!

CNN’s Japan’s 31 most beautiful places: Motonosumi Inari Shrine: The Amazing View of the Torii Selected by CNN


Information: Ashikaga Flower Park

Address: 607 Hasama-cho, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi
Phone: 0284-91-4939
Access: Official Guide
Open: The opening times change slightly each day.
Price: 900-yen ~ 1700-yen
Official Website: Ashikaga Flower Park

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