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A Guide To Practical Japanese Lessons


As globalization accelerates year after year, the number of people who study languages other than their native tongue are increasing. Why is this happening in a time when people can easily use free automatic translator functions?

If we take Japanese language study for instance, some reasons include people wanting to work in Japan, watch anime and read manga in Japanese or wanting to make Japanese friends.

In order to cater to such needs, we have created an on-line Japanese lesson program.

We are here to support you so that your Japanese language studies goes smoothly.

4 Characteristics of the GJ Japanese Lesson Program

A Curriculum Made by Active Japanese Teachers

The curriculum was created by Katrina, a Japanese teacher who currently teaches Japanese in the United States. She has incorporated what she has learned from her actual experience in teaching to cover points that learners of Japanese commonly mistake. Instead of going to the standard classroom to learn Japanese, you can study on-line without wasting time on commuting to a classroom.

The Surprisingly Low Cost

In language studies, the concern is the high cost of the lessons. The average online language course on Japanese is about 2,000 to 3,000 yen per lesson. At GJ, Japanese lessons are offered for a low cost of a few hundred yen per lesson.

Practical Japanese Lessons Created Under Supervision of Native Japanese

One aspect that students of Japanese wish to learn is “Practical Japanese” that can be used in real life scenarios. The GJ Japanese lessons supervised by native Japanese staff clearly have this in mind so students can learn nuances that are specific to the Japanese language. You will not encounter an issue where you put a lot of effort into learning Japanese and have it be useless when you visit Japan.

Use the Forum to Enjoy Learning with Peers

We invite you to a forum where people learning Japanese come together. You can communicate with those of similar language abilities and ask each other questions so your Japanese language skills will improve naturally while having fun. Of course teachers, staff that have acquired N1 status and Japanese natives will also join in the forum so you will also be able to get accurate answers to your questions. It should be an important place where native Japanese will also be able to check in on.

Power-Up Your Japanese: The 5 Courses

Novice Level (N5)

11 Lessons
+Basic Kanji 11 Lessons
+Participation in the Forum

Intermediate Level (N4)

10 Lessons
+ Participation in the Forum

Everyday Conversations

9 Lessons
+ Participation in the Forum

For Studying Abroad

10 Lessons
+ Participation in the Forum

Business Japanese

9 Lessons
+ Participation in the Forum


Select courses

1. Select the course you want to enroll in, and complete payment by PayPal. (For those who wish to enroll in multiple courses, please complete payment for each course.)

2. After we confirm payment, within 2 business days, we will send you a password to view the lesson to your PayPal registered email address. (The password will be specifically assigned to you so please ensure not to disclose it to others.)

3. Once you have access to view the lesson pages, try posting in the Forum.

*The participation fee to the Forum, which is a main part of the GJ Japanese courses is currently offered free of charge for a limited time. During participation in the forum, participants will be able to view updated materials on the curriculum as they become available.

Free Japanese Lessons:


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