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Goin’ Japanesque!

Japanese Wagyu Beef Dish À la Simon and Martina and Win a Free Trip to Japan!

Last week we have brought to you the first food adventure on Goin’Japanesque! by Simon and Martina, visiting Pompompurin café in Kichijoji, Tokyo. We had been wondering which eatery they would introduce this time, but wow, we were caught by surprise. This is getting pretty interesting, and we’ve got to try it ourselves!

This week is an installment of Martina’s Midnight Munchies. Simon and Martina guide you through how to cook delicious Japanese meals at home. Well, Martina is your guide. Simon shows up for the food.

The dish Martina is cooking up is Wagyu skewers. Many of the ingredients needed for this recipe can be found at Asian supermarkets. Even if you don’t live in Japan, you can use Martina’s tips to create this Japanese dish for yourself.


The taste of Wagyu

If you’ve ever eaten Wagyu beef from Japan, then you know the juicy buttery taste of this world-renowned meat. If you’ve never eaten it, now you can use Martina’s easy-to-follow recipe for grilled wagyu skewers with maple soy glaze.

Wagyu is a specific style of beef that is known for its “marbling” color. The marbling is actually nonsaturated fats that melt as the meat cooks, creating a distinct texture and flavor. As Martina shows in the video, this beef can be rather expensive. But the high price means high quality.

One of the most famous examples of this pricy meat is Kobe beef. It comes from the region around Kobe city in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture. Kobe beef is very delicious, but very pricey. If you want to try some, be ready to pay a lot of yen.

3 Types of Wagyu Beef


Skewers of meat and vegetables

One popular way of serving Wagyu is on skewers, which is exactly how Martina prepares hers. In Japan, this is called yakigushi (焼き串) and there are many restaurants that specialize in this style of food.

Martina adds steamed sweet potatoes to the skewer as well. Sweet potatoes are another incredibly popular food in Japan. In fact, baked sweet potatoes (yaki-imo, 焼き芋) are served at many festivals as a warm, nutritious snack.

This is all topped off with the maple soy glaze that Martina has created. She is Canadian after all, so how could she not add a bit of maple syrup to the recipe?


Win a Trip to Japan and try Wagyu for yourself

This week’s video is sponsored by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). If you’re interested in winning a trip to Japan, watch until the end of the video to see how you can enter the contest. This contest is only open to people who live in the US (sorry non-US residents).

Simon and Martina want you to visit Japan to try Wagyu beef and many more delicious Japanese foods.

Goin’ Japanesque!

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