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Simon and Martina, Canadian YouTubers Explore Pompompurin Cafe in Tokyo!

We have introduced many unique cafes in Japan in the past, and this time Simon and Martina, a popular pair of YouTubers offers their experience. This is their first article and they are planning to continue food adventures in Japan, delivering weekly reports to you on Goin’Japanesque!

Simon and Martina are a married couple from Canada on a never-ending quest to introduce all of the tasty and wonderful things in Japan to the world. This week, Simon and Martina traveled to a “pop-up Pompompurin cafe” (try saying that five times fast!). This adventure was Martina’s idea, and even though Simon was skeptical at first, he eventually couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the cuteness surrounding him.


A cute and fun Pompompurin cafe

The Pompompurin cafe is located in the Parco building near Kichijoji Station. Pompompurin actually has several cafe locations throughout Japan. Harajuku, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Osaka are all home to their own Pompompurin cafe. It’s very easy to find a Pompompurin cafe if you want to see it for yourself.

The cafe that Simon and Martina visited in Kichijoji is what is known as a pop-up theme cafe. It was only open for a short time from November 1 to December 3, 2017. The Pompompurin cafe in Kichijoji also included one of Pompompurin’s friends, Panpaka pants.


Who is Pompompurin?

If you know who Hello Kitty is, then you probably know the company called Sanrio. They have several extremely popular characters who are all friends of Hello Kitty. Pompompurin is a golden retriever pudding dog who was introduced in 1996. As Martina mentioned, Pompompurin’s favorite phrase is “Let’s go out!” He also likes milk pudding and soft stuff.

Along with Pompompurin, his friend Panpaka Pants is also featured in the Pompompurin Cafe in Kichijoji. Panpaka Pants is a pig searching for the best pants in the world. There are many adorable stuffed animals and other items for sale in the pop-up theme cafe. Of course, there are also character-themed foods and drinks for sale.



The popular theme cafes of Japan

Martina is a huge fan of theme cafes. Recently, they visited the Sailor Moon cafe in Tokyo. Other theme cafes include many popular Japanese franchises such as Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Gundam. These theme cafes usually include exclusive items for sale as well as themed foods and drinks.

Anime Themed Cafes in Tokyo

As Martina says, Japan is very good at creating details. Everything from the menus to the walls and staff are decorated according to the theme of the cafe. At the Pompompurin cafe, Simon ordered Curry Rice with the rice in the shape of Pompompurin’s face. Martina had teriyaki cheeseburgers made to look like Pompompurin.

Simon wasn’t expecting the food to be very good quality, but he was surprised to find that the food and drinks were actually very tasty. So if you’re looking for a fun time in Japan, search for a theme cafe to visit. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience in Japan.

Simon and Martina are on a new adventures every week, so be sure to catch all of their adventures.

Goin’ Japanesque!

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