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Top 6 Sweets Shops in Tokyo to Take Fantastic Photos for Social Media

During sightseeing trips, people take various photos as memento of the trip; of course, pictures of rare landscapes that they cannot see in their homeland, of everyday scenes on the street, or of meals they eat

Nowadays it has become common to post such photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. and share them with unspecified many people.

Recently in Japan, things with eye-catching appearance are quite popular as their photos get a lot of reaction on the net.

This time I will introduce six sweets stores great for taking pictures and if you upload them on the net, they will gather people’s attention without doubt.

I will focus on shops in Tokyo so that you can drop in easily during your sightseeing trip in Japan, so please give them a try.


1. Shaved Ice Café “Banpaku”

Sangenjaya is a nostalgic downtown of Tokyo where trams still run, and “Banpaku”, a famous café serving shaved ice is there.

The shaved ice is stacked up to the point of spilling out of the container with a plenty of syrup and toppings on the top, and that’s the main feature of their shaved ice.

Their shaved ice with homemade fruit sauce using seasonal fruits is exquisite.

Including chocolate mint flavor, which is rather unusual for shaved ice, there are so many varieties that you will get lost what to choose.

By the way you need to be careful because the store is closed on irregular days.

<General Information>
Access: Tokyo Station -> Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line -> Ootemachi Station -> Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line -> Sangen-jaya Station -> walk, Map
Official Website


2. “Sweet & Deli” in Palace Hotel, Tokyo (Marunouchi)

Sweet & Deli is in the basement of Palace Hotel, Tokyo, where you can reach within 3 minutes’ walk from Tokyo Station.

They serve mainly Western-style sweets, but it is an unusual shop that serves something like “sake cake” etc.

Photo by instagom

Among them, the most eye-catching variety is chocolate called “Chiyo Choco”, which incorporates traditional beauty in Japanese culture such as kumadori in kabuki and Edo komon patterns in kimono.

Each piece is produced by chocolatiers exclusively working on them, and this is ideal for souvenirs.

They look like origami work, don’t they?

<General Information>
Access: Exit D4 of Tokyo Station -> walk, Map
Official Website


3. Tokyo Midtown Branch of “Toraya Karyo”

Toraya is a long-established store producing traditional Japanese sweets, and it is a super famous brand.

Its café exists in “Tokyo Midtown”.

You can taste traditional Japanese sweets such as anmitsu, kuzukiri, and yokan there.

Photo by

Tokyo Midtown is a multi-purpose facility that has as many as 130 shops and restaurants, including Suntory Museum of Art.

It is a good place not only for stopping by Toraya to eat sweets, but also to do other shopping and tours.

<General Information>
Access: Tokyo Station -> Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line -> Ginza Station -> Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line -> Roppongi Station -> walk, Map
Official Website


4. “Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku”

Photo by

The town of Harajuku is where young Japanese people gather.

Not just from the suburbs of Tokyo, many young people visit the town for sightseeing.

As there is a type of fashion called Harajuku fashion, the town has been spreading information on fashion and culture that is uniquely Japanese, as you may already know.

This shop is in such fashion-conscious Harajuku and concentrating on the theme of “kawaii (cute)”, a Japanese trend.

The inside of the shop is divided into four distinctive, wacky zones, and you can enjoy colorful foods decorated in extremely vivid colors.

<General Information>
Access: Tokyo Station -> Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line -> Kokkai-gijido-mae Station -> Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line -> Meiji-jingu-mae Station -> walk, Map
Official Website
Article on kawaii cafes


5. Candy Craft Shop “Ameshin”

Ameshin is a candy craft shop in Tokyo Soramachi at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree.

This shop is aimed to preserve the candy crafting art, a traditional craft of Japan, and its main store is in Asakusa area.

They sell animal-shaped candies with precise details such as “goldfish” and candies that incorporated traditional Japanese motifs such as “uchiwa”, a traditional Japanese fan.

Candies created with such a precision into details are works of art rather than sweets.

It is the best item for souvenirs of your trip in Japan.

<General Information>
Access: Tokyo Station -> JR Sobu Line -> Kinshicho Station -> Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line -> Oshiage Station -> walk, Map
Official Website


6. Totti Candy Factory

This candy shop sells various sorts of candies by weight, and it also sells cute cake pops with animals’ faces.

Among them, their cotton candy is the most popular and famous.

“3 colored cotton candy” is a colorful item that has 3 kinds of flavor combination.

For example, “heart cotton candy” comes in a distinctive heart shape and a cute color combination of blue and pink. And there are other cotton candies not only in various shapes and sizes but also in colors and tastes.

<General Information>
Access: Tokyo Station -> JR Chuuou Line -> Shinjuku Station -> JR Yamanote Line -> Harajuku Station -> walk, Map
Official Website


Pictures of these unusual things and experiences are surely to be noticed on social media, and what’s more, they will make great memories of your trip.

You may have famous tourist destinations in Japan in mind, but please take a little sidestep and find something that is unusual and memorable.

If you upload pictures on the net, your friends might feel envious of your experience.

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