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4 Great Amusement Centers to Enjoy Virtual Reality Experience in Tokyo

PSVR has become available as an option for Sony’s console game, PS4.

Amusement facilities utilizing virtual reality (VR) technology have been opening one after another in Japan, too.

This time I will introduce four facilities in the suburbs of Tokyo, where you can experience the virtual reality.

As you can enjoy leading-edge games in Japan easily in a short time, please do drop by and try them, in addition to your main objectives of sightseeing in Japan.


A Word of Caution before Visiting VR Facilities

The VR facility has various restrictions because the game may require a large space or a special environment for VR play.

1. Either by Advance Reservation or Same-Day Reservation

Basically, the facilities operate by same-day or advance reservation system.
Most of reservations can be made on the facility’s website.
Please note that there is no refund when you cancel reservation.

2. Age Restriction: Participants Must Be at Least 12 or 13 Years Old

Age restrictions are in place because players move their bodies as I mentioned earlier, and often get immersed in the game, potentially receiving very strong stimulation.

3. Health Restriction

Pregnant women, the elderly, and other people with physical problems cannot participate in the game.
Particularly those who have suffered from light stimulation in the past should refrain from participating.

4. Height and Weight Restriction May Apply

Due to the size of mobile cockpit etc., lower or upper limits for height and weight may exist for the game.
As this restriction varies from game to game, please confirm the detail at the facility.


1. VR Park Tokyo

Photo by

There are six attractions in all. One of them is “Dive Hard VR” in which a gun battle takes place or a mission needs to be completed on the scaffold of a skyscraper.

All the guests in the entire facility need to exit after a duration of 80 minutes and you can play attractions as many times as you like during the session.

Beverages are free and you can drink soft drinks as much as you want when you get thirsty while playing the game.

It is possible to obtain same-day reservation, but as the admission is limited, we recommend you booking in advance if you don’t want to take a chance.

<General Information>
Access: Tokyo Station -> Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line -> Ootemachi Station -> Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line -> Shibuya Station -> walk -> VR Space Shibuya, Map
Official Website


2. “Zero Latency VR” at Tokyo Joypolis

Tokyo Joypolis is an amusement park operated by Sega, the game maker.

“Zero Latency VR” is one of the attractions there, and six people can play at the same time.

When you move around and act in a large space, your actions are reflected in the game. It’s an awesome mechanism just as you expect in the virtual reality.

The game requires reservation, and when you would like to select date and time, you can apply through the official website.

The same-day reservation is accepted at the reception counter in Tokyo Joypolis.

<General Information>
Access: Tokyo Station -> Jr Tokaido Main Line -> Shimbashi Station -> Yurikamome ->Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station -> walk -> Tokyo Joypolis, Map
Official Website


3. VR Zone Shinjuku

Photo by

The facility used to be in Odaiba but it was relocated to Shinjuku on July 14, 2017.

This place includes VR simulator of “Armored Trooper Votoms”, an anime introduced in one of our articles before.

In addition, in “Evangelion VR: The Seat of Soul” you can experience maneuvering of Evangelion, and in “Gundam VR: Assault of Daiba” the Mobile Suit Gundam appears. Including “Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix VR”, this facility has the highest number of VR equipment in Japan.

Advance reservation specifying date and time is required to enter the facility.

Reservations are accepted on the official website.

By the way the reservation requires only the time of entry.

Since there is no time limit after entrance, you can stay for hours. So, you can possibly experience all the VR facilities in one day.

<General Information>
Access: Tokyo Station -> Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line -> Shinjuku Station -> walk -> VR Zone Shinjuku, Map
Official Website


4. “VirtuaLink” by Konica Minolta

Photo by

This is a VR facility in Skytree Town under Tokyo Skytree, the symbol of Tokyo.

What is unique here compared to other facilities is that the game may require all the participants to cooperate.

Everyone wears a VR goggle and gets on “Wonder Pod” in pairs of two.

Up to 50 people can participate in the game simultaneously. The game progresses while various missions are carried out either individually or all 50 players cooperating.

You can participate in the game by making same-day reservation.

At the VirtuaLink ticket counter, you can purchase a ticket for your desired time.

<General Information>
Access: Tokyo Station -> Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line -> Ootemachi Station -> Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line -> Oshiage Station -> walk -> Skytree Town, Map
Official Website


Final Words

Many of the facilities I have introduced this time are situated in areas of Tokyo where department stores, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities are also available in the vicinity.

If you do sightseeing of Japan during the day and visit VR facilities introduced this time as an evening excursion, I bet your trip in Japan will become a lot more fulfilling one.

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