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5 Best Places to Get Fresh & Delicious Salads in Tokyo!

Staying healthy while dealing with a busy lifestyle in a metropolitan like Tokyo is very difficult, as eating healthy can be very expensive in Tokyo. In the United States and other European countries, organic food is not so expensive, so you can opt for organic food to stay healthy there, but in Japan you can’t.

The trend of organic and non-GMO food is not that big here, and finding good organic restaurants that are delicious with decent price is very difficult here. There are only few organic restaurants in Tokyo and most of them are not cheap, so I rarely go to these restaurants. 

Going to the salad bar might be the best alternative for you to stay healthy while living in a busy city like Tokyo. There are many salad bars in Tokyo, and today I’ve listed five best places for you to get fresh salad at decent price in Tokyo!

Title Photo: Salad & Deli at DEAN & DELUCA, Image Source: Writer’s Private Collection


1. Saladice

Spinach Caesar Salad (Regular Size), Image Source: Writer’s Private Collection

So far, Saladice is my most favorite place to get salad, as I can get a big bowl of salad for less than JPY 1,000. You can find various types of salads like: Tandoori Club Salad, Spinach Caesar Salad, Chicken Club Salad, Garden Salad, and many more. Theses salads are offered in two different sizes: regular and double. The price of the regular salad starts from JPY 400 to JPY 880, and the price of the double size starts from JPY 530 to JPY 1,000.

If you want to make your own salad, you can choose the basic Green lettuce salad (JPY 400) or spinach salad (JPY 490), add the toppings (JPY 60, JPY 90, JPY 110, or JPY 130 each), and choose the dressing that you like. All salads come with a piece of bread.

Official Website



salads-in-tokyo2CRISP SALAD WORKS, Image Source: Tabelog

CRISP SALAD WORKS can be considered as one of the most famous salad bars in Tokyo; and it has four branches, which are located in: Ebisu, Azabujuban, Roppongi Hills, and Daikanyama. CRISP SALAD WORKS offers not just fresh and filling salads, but it also offers grain bowl that includes wild rice, multi grain, and vegetables in it. The vegetables offered at CRISP SALAD WORKS are taken directly from the local farmers, and you can add high quality meat and super food as toppings. The price of the salad starts from JPY 980, and you can also try CRISP SALAD WORKS signature fresh lemonade for JPY 430 (free refills)!

Official Website



JACK MACKEREL SANDWICH, Image Source: Writer’s Private Collection

JACK MACKEREL SANDWICH is located near Toei Asakusa Line Takanawadai Station, and it serves great sandwich, salad, and coffee. This cafe is famous for its superb deep-fried jack mackerel sandwich, but actually this cafe also serves decent salads as well. Among of all salads offered at this cafe, tandoori chicken salad is my favorite. The salad is served on a long plate, with a grilled tandoori chicken on top of it. The chicken is very crispy on the outside, but juicy on the inside.

Official Website


4. SaladStop!

salads-in-tokyo4Salad Bowl at SaladStop!, Image Source: Tabelog

SaladStop! is located within 5-minute walk from Omotesando Station, and it serves one of the best salad bars in Tokyo. SaladStop! is a Singapore based salad bar, and it serves not just fresh salads, but also vegetable wraps and grain bowls.

SaladStop! Omotesando was the first branch of this salad bar in Japan, but recently it just opened another branch in Roppongi as well. You can customize your salad by yourself; SaladStop! offers 50 different ingredients for the salad and 20 different salad dressings, so you can make different salad every time you visit this shop!

Official Website (Under Construction): here
Official Instagram



Kale Salad & Quiche Lorraine at DEAN & DELUCA, Image Source: Writer’s Private Collection

DEAN & DELUCA is a chain of upscale grocery stores from Kansas, which opened its first branch in the SoHo district of New York. DEAN & DELUCA penetrated the Japanese market in 2002, and many people love this place as it sells high quality imported products, tempting pastries, and superb delicatessens. Visiting DEAN & DELUCA in Japan is a great fun as well, as you can shop for some unique products and chill at the eat in space with a glass of ice coffee.

What I love most at DEAN & DELUCA is its delicious Quiche Lorraine and Kale Salad. The quiche is very soft and juicy, and the kale salad is very crunchy and tasty. DEAN & DELUCA is not a salad bar shop, but you should definitely visit DEAN & DELUCA for its delicious kale salad.



Eating healthy in Tokyo might be difficult, as it can be a little bit expensive as there are only few organic restaurants here. Grabbing a bowl of salad might be a better alternative than spending your money at an organic restaurant, so I decided to list up some of the places that I usually go to get decent salads. You can go to one of these places to grab a bowl of salad, or you can go to some of these vegetarian friendly restaurants when you have more budgets!

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