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Top 5 of 2017! Most Beautiful Fireworks Festivals in Japan

Fireworks produced in Japan are world famous, as they spread to beautiful spherical shapes.

When the summer comes around many firework festivals are held in Japan across the nation.

This time we gathered information on fireworks that involve many launches, held in and around Tokyo.

It is a perfect event for a night on a journey when you are likely to have a few spare hours, as they require no special preparation to attend.


Japanese Fireworks as the Best in the World

Japanese fireworks are famous in the world, and they have unique characteristics that are different from foreign products.

It is common for Western fireworks to open at the top and spread downward.

Contrary to it Japanese fireworks open and spread into a beautiful circle.

In addition, the fireworks change colors after the initial opening by small fireworks called “hoshi” charged inside.

Furthermore, Japanese fireworks include unique technique of spreading into concentric circles, double or even triple.

In recent years some fireworks display special shapes such as a heart or human face.

Because of these advanced techniques major events in the world such as the Olympic Games include Japanese fireworks to launch.


Well then, let me recommend 5 firework events for you to spend an exciting time on a free night during your Japanese trip.

1. Tokyo: Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival


This is one of the biggest firework displays in the Kanto region.

Its history is also old, and it started in 1733, in the middle of the Edo period, as Ryogoku River Festival Fireworks.

The launch site is divided into two places.

In the first venue, firework producers from all over Japan gather and compete in a contest, launching 200 newest products.

In addition, about 10,350 fireworks for public display will be launched.

In the second venue, 11,650 more fireworks will be launched.

<General Information>
Date &Time: July 29, from 7:00 PM
Weather: Will be held even in light rain (If the weather is stormy it will be postponed to the following day.)
The first venue: Taito-ku Tokyo, Sakurabashi bridge to Kototoibashi bridge
Access: Tokyo Station -> (JR Yamanote Line) -> Kanda Station -> (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) -> Asakusa Station -> (on foot) -> the first venue
The second venue: Taito-ku Tokyo, Komagatabashi bridge to Umayabashi bridge
Access: Tokyo Station -> (JR Yamanote Line) -> Okachimachi Station -> (on foot) ->Ueno-okachimachi Station -> (Toei Oedo Line) -> Kuramae Station -> (on foot) -> the second venue
MapOfficial Website


2. Chiba: Makuhari Beach Firework Festival (Chiba Citizens Firework Festival)


This firework displays will be held at the same time with Makuhari Beachside Festival.

Music and fireworks are arranged in the both events along with a special theme selected each year.

In addition, fireworks with personal messages can be also launched with private sponsorship.

The number of fireworks is 20,000 and they will be dramatically launched in exquisite combination of music and flames.

<General Information>
Date & Time: August 5, starting at 7:30 PM
Weather: If the weather is stormy or very windy it will be cancelled.
Access: Tokyo Station -> (JR Keiyo Line) -> Kaihinmakuhari Station -> (on foot) -> Makuhari Seaside Park
MapOfficial Website


3. Tokyo: Itabashi Fireworks


The last firework launched in this event is about 16 inches in diameter, which is the maximum size in the fireworks.

Also “Niagara” in this event, which sparks down like a waterfall, is the longest in the Kanto region.

Including many other variety of settings and designs, a total of 12,000 fireworks will be launched.

Furthermore, 10 firework producers whose excellence were recognized in various competitions in Japan will gather and exhibit finely produced fireworks called “artistic balls”.

<General Information>
Date & Time: August 5, starting at 7:00 PM
Weather: Will be held even in light rain (If the weather is stormy it will be postponed to the following day.)
Access: Tokyo Station -> (JR Keihin Tohoku Line) -> Akabane Station -> (JR Saikyo Line) -> Ukima-Funado Station -> (on foot) -> Itabashi-ku, Arakawa riverbed
MapOfficial Website


4. Tochigi: Utsunomiya Fireworks


In this festival 20,000 fireworks will be launched in a fine combination with music.

It includes brand-new fireworks designed after the selected paintings in “Fireworks Painting Exhibition” and “Kotodama Fireworks”, which purport to convey personal messages to others.

Unlike other firework festivals, this event solicits citizen’s participation in display.

<General Information>
Date & Time: August 12, from 6:30 PM
Weather: Will be held even in rain (If the weather is stormy it will be postponed to the following day.)
Access: Tokyo Station -> (JR Shinkansen “Yamabiko”) -> Utsunomiya Station -> (Kanto Bus) -> Yanagita-shako stop-> (on foot) -> Dojo-jukuryokuchi Park of Utsunomiya City (riverbed of Kinugawa)
*Shuttle buses will be operated from Utsunomiya Station to the festival venue on the day of the event.
MapOfficial Website


5. Akita: Fireworks at Omagari


The official name of this event is “Omagari National Fireworks Competition”.

The event location of Akita Prefecture is a bit far away from Tokyo, but it is highly recommended as the competition gathers together the best firework producers in Japan.

The competition is sponsored by Nihon Enka Kyokai, the professional association of firework producers in Japan, and this venerable event started in 1910.

The best firework award in Japan is Prime Minister’s Award, and it is offered in only two competitions, here and Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition (Ibaraki Prefecture).

Therefore, the firework producers from all over the country come together and you can enjoy newest designs of fireworks totaling from 15,000 to 20,000.

<General Information>
Date & Time: 4th Saturday in August, scheduled on August 26 in 2017
Weather: Will be held even in rain (If the weather is stormy it will be postponed, and the new date is to be determined.)
Access: Tokyo Station -> (JR Shinkansen “Yamabiko”) -> Kitakami Station -> (JR Kitakami Line) -> Yokote Station -> (JR Oou Main Line) -> Yotsugoya Station -> (on foot) -> Omonogawa Riverbed Exercise Park in Omagari, Daisen City, Akita Prefecture
*Additional shinkansen and other trains on conventional lines are operated on the day of the fireworks.
MapOfficial Website


High summer in Japan is just about to start. Many firework events will be held one after another all over Japan in addition to what we’ve introduced this time.

Please note that the transportation system is likely to experience confusion as tens of thousands of visitors gather for the event. However, if you are visiting Japan in July or August, why don’t you include one of these firework events in your plan?

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