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4 Hotels or Japanese-Style Inns (Ryokan) You Should Not Miss Traveling in Kyoto

Since Kyoto is a major tourist destination in Japan, there are thousands of hotels and inns. It is difficult even for Japanese people to know which accommodations are good.

Thus I decided to introduce 4 hotels or inns this time, best selections based on three aspects of hospitality, traditional Japanese cuisines served, and Japanese ambience.


1. Suzaku Konruri-An


It is a tasteful traditional lodging made of a town residence. It is located in Mibu area, known as the birthplace of Shinsengumi (1864-1869). Wow, this inn serves only one group a day, by renting the entire house.

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At first glance the house appears to be a traditional building seasoned over the years, but it is completely renovated, equipped with home appliances and necessities of life, and you can stay quite comfortably.

You can enjoy the view of small courtyard while relaxing in the bathtub. The room is equipped with kitchenette complete with cookware; you can enjoy cooking your favorite dishes together with your friends or as a couple.

In addition free Wi-Fi is available in the room and you won’t have problem if you would like to surf the Net while staying there.

This inn also offers cultural experience of Kyoto.
If you are interested, please try their workshops such as tea ceremony, wearing kimono or pottery.

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2. Hachi Shinshinen

八 -心心苑-

This luxurious inn also offers a charter house. It is located in Nishijin area, where Nishijin weaving was born, and the inn has a solid reputation as a long-established business with history spanning 160 years since the construction.

The rooms are very spacious and offer a great view of a fantastic garden. A room decorated in exquisite combination of the modern and the traditional is also available, and please don’t miss it when you stay.

Food served is primarily in Kyoto style and you can enjoy traditional kaiseki cuisine that brings the best of each season. What is worth noting is that seasonal food is served in fabulous pottery works created by famous craftsmen including Rosanjin and Kakiemon.

The inn also includes a traditional tea room built in, and you can experience tea ceremony there, too. If you would like a traditional tea ceremony of Japan, this is a great chance to try it out.

In addition, Nishijin Textile Center is in the vicinity of the inn, where you can learn about the traditional weaving craft of Nishijin. Tomitaya is also nearby, which offers tutorial of how to wear kimono and other courses on the culture of Kyoto. This is a great location for people looking for a chance to experience Japanese culture while enjoying sightseeing.

Official Website


3. Nazuna Nijo-tei

七十七 二条邸

The inn is located close to Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site, and it is very convenient to go around tourist spots of Kyoto. It has won an introduction in 2017 Michelin guide for Kyoto and Osaka.

The inn is very popular among foreign tourists too, as it has a strong commitment to convey the traditional culture of Japan so that you can feel and experience Kyoto directly.

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Each room is equipped with an open-air bath, and you can soak in warm water without worrying about your surroundings.

The inn uses beds made by Simmons Bedding Co, a popular brand worldwide, so you will rest well and have the fatigue of the trip removed.

The food is cooked carefully over the charcoal of the hearth, bringing out the aroma and the taste of the ingredient to its maximum.

This hotel also offers “Matcha green tea hospitality”, “Kenninji temple tour conducted by a priest of the temple” or kimono rentals, etc.

A gift of a tabi socks is also available as a keepsake, and this place is highly recommended for people including those who visit Kyoto for the first time.

Official Website


4. Keburikawa


Keburikawa of Kyoto has a large courtyard filled with vibrant green, which is very popular with the travelers. The garden is lit up at night and it will give you a best healing experience to take a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood.

If you would like to spend relaxed time in a private space, rooms with outdoor bath are also available.

By the way this inn is equipped with its own vegetable garden.

The course dishes vary depending on the season, taking advantage of freshly picked vegetables, so you can enjoy the most delicious Japanese ingredients in the season.

This inn is great for people who would like to eat delicious Kyoto vegetables with high quality.

Official Website

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