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5 Popular YouTubers from Foreign Countries Who Are Living in Japan Now

In the past couple of years many young people have started dreaming to become a YouTuber and make living that way. Of course it is not just young people, we notice many mature adults upload videos they created to YouTube, hoping to capture a wide attention. Has any tool ever existed before that made people all over the world go crazy like this?

This time I am introducing 5 foreign people living in Japan, who are very active on the video site YouTube that everyone in the world uses. Let’s take a look at what kind of people are successful YouTubers based in Japan.


1. Taylor R

Taylor R came to Japan from Canada and started her activities in 2014. She is a popular YouTuber and her current channel subscriber count is over half a million.

With cute looks that grab people’s heart, not only she is a popular model but also she made her debut as an actress in January 2016 in a special TV drama aired in Japan, “The Craftsman She Fell for: Mary Is in Love with a Master Craftsman”.

She is also uploading plenty of her information to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in addition to YouTube, increasing her fans everywhere in the world.

As she is a model, her fashions shown in her videos are very pretty and I’d love to try them out myself. She has such a nice figure that she looks fantastic in any type of fashion!


2. Micaela

It was in 2005 when Micaela came to Japan from Canada. She started living in Japan as a foreign exchange student, but it’s been 12 years by now and she looks completely accustomed to the way of life in the country.

She has uploaded videos introducing living, food and tourist destinations in Japan to YouTube both in English and in her excellent Japanese. She is another active YouTuber with followers over 280,000.

She lives in Fukuoka City and was officially appointed the second ward chief of “Kawaii-ku” (Cute Ward), a fictional city section from 2013 to 2015. She was then actively involved in spreading information on culture and industry of the city, focusing on kawaii food, fashion and beauty.

She has had experience of appearing on TV as a foreign talent, but left such activities already. She is enjoying her life in Japan as a YouTuber and blogger today.


3. Sharla

Sharla is a YouTuber with channel subscriber count exceeding half a million and she is also from Canada. She arrived in Japan for the first time through a short-term study abroad program when she was 17. She again came to Japan later as an English teacher and taught the language in various locations of Iwate Prefecture.

She went back to Canada afterwards, but subsequent to the incident of East Japan Earthquake in 2011 she decided to return to the country and transferred to a Japanese university.
Since her graduation she has been continuing her activities based in Japan as an active YouTuber and a translator.

She has originally started uploading videos to YouTube in order to brush up her Japanese language skills. But nowadays you can enjoy her videos of cosplaying as anime characters in addition to videos on living in Japan, its food and products.


4. Natalia Natchan

Natalia Natchan is a YouTuber from the USA, and she came to Japan in 2014 to study.
When she was around 12 she was raptured by gal fashion of Japan, and it triggered her interest in the country. She is currently studying fashion design at a cosmetology school in Japan.

As she loves makeup and fashion, she has uploaded many videos to YouTube showing fashion, makeup and hair arrangement that are trendy and cute.
Of course you can also watch her videos featuring Japanese food she likes and how her life is in Japan.

Her current subscriber count is 40,000, which is somewhat less compared to other foreign YouTubers introduced above.
But her lifestyle is amazingly energetic and she is involved in a wide variety of activities as a YouTuber, model and DJ while studying as a student.

Her way of speaking Japanese is so cute that people might mistake her for a real Japanese gal. She is a rising star of foreign YouTubers living in Japan.


5. Strawberry Mochi

Strawberry Mochi is an American YouTuber teaching English in Nagoya.
Her current channel subscriber count is around 57,000, again smaller compared to other YouTubers introduced earlier, but her videos are recommended for those who are planning trips in Japan as excellent resource.

Also in her videos she describes her experience as a study-abroad student attending a Japanese high school, culture shock that American people feel in Japan, or even layout of her apartment. I think these are intriguing subjects for foreign people who are interested in the country.

Her videos are sure to help you learn about various aspects of Japan.


Well I introduced 5 foreign YouTubers living in Japan, and how did you like it?

These foreign YouTubers came to Japan as they liked the country, and their videos introducing Japan are very attractive even for our native staff, opening our eyes to new discoveries of our own country.

Please watch their videos and I hope you too will find something exciting about Japan!

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