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Guest Houses in Nara (Travel): Sleep in Futon on Tatami, Totally Japanese Style

More people have started staying at guest houses on a trip. Some may be attracted by reasonable prices and other people may be looking forward to interacting with unique owners and other guests staying there.

There are many guest houses in Nara Prefecture, particularly in Nara City. This time I am going to introduce distinct guest houses in the central part of the prefecture, one in each area of Asuka village, Miwa and Hasedera.

This is the third part of our introduction, and Guesthouse Ittan is located near Hasedera temple. The temple is famous for its peonies and it even appeared in the Tale of Genji (published in 1008).

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Hase Guesthouse Ittan has started its business in 2016. It’s a heartfelt guest house that the owner couple renovated a former dining room into guest facilities all by themselves spending 5 months.

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The service is for overnight stays only. You can fully enjoy a night in traditional Japanese style, spreading a futon mat on the tatami floor with a hot-water bottle in it when it is chilly.

The selling point is its location near the Hasedera temple. It’s a 15 minute stroll from the guest house to the temple. You can participate in gongyo morning devotion to experience solemn prayers that have been continuing over 1000 years. How about joining gongyo at a temple nestled in the silence to refresh your body and mind that is tired of the everyday life?

If you hop onto an overnight express bus departing every night from Busta Shinjuku, it brings you to Kintetsu Sakurai Station. The second stop from the Sakurai Station is Kintetsu Hasedera Station, and the guest house is only 5 minutes away on foot from the station. In this case the guest house will accommodate you with an early check-in and you can go out for sightseeing light by washing your face to refresh and leaving the luggage behind.

Writer’s Photo: Mr. Morita, the owner

In the lounge coffee and alcohol is served. Coffee is made with organic beans produced in Chiang Rai of Thailand, and drink is selected with the owner’s taste.

Hase Guesthouse Ittan can serve as an ideal basecamp for sightseeing trips in the eastern part of Nara Prefecture, including Hasedera, Muro-ji temple and Uda area.

<Hase Guesthouse Ittan> Map, Website
Address: 2441-6 Hase, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture
Phone: 0744-48-3210
Access: From JR Kyoto Station go to Kintetsu Kyoto Station (buildings are connected) and use the Kintetsu Kyoto Line to Yamato-Yagi Station. Change trains to Kintetsu Hasedera Station. Walk for 5 minutes.
From Busta Shinjuku take an overnight express bus to Kintetsu Sakurai Station. Ride in a Kintetsu train to Kintetsu Hasedera Station and walk for 5 minutes.

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