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Guest Houses in Nara (Travel): Enjoy a Feeling of Good Old Japanese Households

More people have started staying at guest houses on a trip. Some may be attracted by reasonable prices and other people may be looking forward to interacting with unique owners and other guests staying there.

There are many guest houses in Nara Prefecture, particularly in Nara City. This time I am going to introduce distinct guest houses in the central part of the prefecture, one in each area of Asuka village, Miwa and Hasedera.

This is the second part of the introduction, and “Machiya Guest House Miwa” is located in Miwa of Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture.

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Omiwa Jinja is known as one of the oldest shrines in Japan, and this guest house is located right at its first torii gate. It’s a cute guest house that makes us feel the warmth of wood. The location is ideal for an early morning visit to the shrine.

The guest house is a renovated 90-year old residential house and it has only four rooms (all Japanese-style rooms). It is quietly blended in a temple town that has lasted since ancient times.

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Guest rooms are surprisingly bright for a 90-year old residential building that went through renovation. Though they are Japanese-style rooms, they all have locks equipped for security.

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The main selling point of this guest house is that you can enjoy bathing in a cypress bath. Many guest houses offer only shower facilities, and being able to take a bath is very nice, being relaxed and stretching legs in the scent of cypress.

Though it is an affordable guest house, you can spend gentle time relaxed & soothed and your fatigue from travel is sure to be blown off.

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You will follow stepping stones in the courtyard to the bath. The place has indeed an authentic Japanese taste.

Writer’s Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Fujimura, the guest house owners

The owner is a married couple who are very talkative and caring. If you stay overnight, a Japanese-style breakfast will be served, proudly prepared by the wife. If you check in by 7 PM, there is even a drink served to welcome you.

Machiya Guest House Miwa is recommended as a place to experience good old at-home feeling of Japanese households. There is a delicious yakitori shop (Toritoshi) in the neighborhood, which has been introduced in a popular TV program, too.

<Machiya Guest House Miwa> MapWebsite
Address: 400 Miwa, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture
Phone: 0744-43-0588
Access: From JR Kyoto Station take the Nara Line to Nara Station. Switch to the Sakurai Line (aka Yamato Mahoroba Line) and get off at Miwa Station. 3-minute walk from the station

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