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“Attack on Titan” is Hot Once Again! Collaboration with Tokyo Sky Tree and USJ

I bet all the anime lovers know something about “Attack on Titan”. Or many people may have been captured by Japanese anime because of this one. I am one of them.

The Attack on Titan has become a very popular anime in the world in such a way. Broadcasting of its sequel, the second season started in April, and its boom has started again.



The wall of densely populated Shigan Sheena area was destroyed by humongous giants suddenly. Several giants invaded the urban area and the main character Eren’s mother was captured and eaten.

Vowing revenge, Eren joins Training Corps two years later in order to eradicate the giant. He learns how to fight them.

He grows together with his friends around him and becomes a full-fledged soldier. He continues fighting deadly battles over the fate of mankind.

Why did the giant appear, why do they prey on humans and what secret is hidden in the key Eren has…?
They continue battles against the giant whose bodies are several times larger than humans’ while solving the mysteries along the way.


Three Reasons for the Popularity of Attack on Titan


1. Scope of the Story Is Big!

Many anime works involved battle scenes until today, but a simple and straightforward setting of fighting against humanoid enemies whose bodies are bigger than buildings was unexpectedly rare.

The story is easy to understand, with very enjoyable content even for adults, and graphic drawing is done with overwhelming, powerful touch down to details including parts and muscle structure of the giant’s body.

Background music and songs in the anime match the tension of the story, stirring it up even more, and when I ask which anime has a grandeur setting, very many answers come with the title, “Attack on Titan”.

2. The Opening Theme Song Is Too Cool!

“Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon

This is the opening music used in the first season of the Attack on Titan. This song became a hot topic in the world and ushered the Attack boom. The lingering melody and the powerful climax are awesome beyond words!

“Jiyu no Tsubasa” by Linked Horizon

Here is another theme song that succeeded “Gren no Yumiya” (Crimson Bow and Arrow) introduced above. The tune emits the sense of adventure, making us somehow feel the bravery of the soldiers too. It is just perfect for the Attack on Titan!

“Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” by Linked Horizon

This is the latest theme song currently on the air. It powerfully expresses the sense of grandeur and speedy running with fantastic rhythm and beat!

Which theme song do you like best?

3. The Dreamlike Scariness!

Imagine that you are about to be eaten by a giant that is as big as an attraction in the Disneyland, “Tower of Terror”. Don’t you feel scared?

The anime shows many scenes of people being preyed upon and it apparently makes some kids cry.


Attack on Titan Collaborations

1. Tokyo Sky Tree

A collaboration event is held from April 10 to July 14, 2017 at Tokyo Sky Tree. You can enjoy original anime, photo spots with the giant, or reproduction of original drawings that you can only view at the Sky Tree.

Also a special collaboration café is open at the Sky Tree and I recommend you give it a try, too.

Destroyer Pot Stew

Slice off the nape of the neck!
When you slice off a giant’s nape of the neck, beef stew comes out from there. Why don’t you defeat the giant with your own hands?

Royal Milk Tea Approved by Levi

Hmm… this isn’t bad.
Captain Levi is among the most popular characters in the Attack on Titan, and this is milk tea he loves. How about trying Levi’s favorite drink, too?

Tokyo Skytree: Official Website

2. Universal Studios Japan

It is only for a limited period from January 13 to June 25, 2017. You can experience the terror with special effects of 4-D and original films that you can never experience by TV or PC.

Photo spots together with large giants are also available, and please take a look at this collaboration by all means.

USJ: Official Website


Attack on Titan Games

Games based on the Attack on Titan have strong popularity and highly recommended. When I engage three-dimensional activation device and cut off the body of a giant, what a sense of accomplishment I get!

Play Station games are popular and currently on sale for PS4, PS3 & PS Vita.


Attack on Titan Merchandize

I would like to recommend the following 3 merchandize.

1. Figures

If you are an Attack fan, this is something you would hate to miss. Bodies of super large giants are delicately produced in fine details down to their muscles and tendons, and it’s a high quality item!

2. Costumes

Costumes of Survey Corps are on high demand now. Engage in cosplaying and attend an event with your friends, and you will have a hell of a good time. You too have now joined the ranks of Eren and Levi!

3. Accessories

This accessory is modeled after the key Eren has dangling from his neck. It looks sharp to wear it as a fashion item, too!


We Cannot Take Our Eyes off from the Anime!

Currently a sequel to the Attack on Titan is on the air. I imagine mysteries will be gradually solved and more battles with the giant will be waged. And chances are many friends will fall and be lost in the battle. I am certain the story will develop so dramatically that the Attack fans cannot afford missing any of it.

There are many collaboration events currently held alongside broadcasting of the second season of the Attack on Titan, for example at the Tokyo Sky Tree and Universal Studios Japan as I introduced this time. These two are both popular sightseeing places in Japan, and please don’t forget adding experience of the Attack on Titan collaborations!

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