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Top 10 Faces of Popular Actresses Japanese Women Admire and Would Love to Have

Endless pursuit of beauty by women has never waned through history.
There must be many women who try hard day and night in order to become the person she aspires for, dressed in trendy fashion and makeup.

But there remains a gap between the ideal and reality, which often torments women.
Thus women look at celebrities such as popular actresses or models, admire their beauty, and they cannot stop feeling envious.

This time I am introducing top 10 faces Japanese women admire and hope to emulate.

*This article is based on a year-end ranking published every year by Oricon Style, which distributes news on performance arts, music, and so on in Japan.


1. Satomi Ishihara

DOB: December 24, 1986

TC Candler’s website announced at the end of 2016 the 100 most beautiful faces in the world, and being ranked the 6th, her beauty is real. She is a woman with beauty and cuteness combined and a target of adoration for Japanese women.

She is an actress with sensual full lips and coquettish charm, she captivates not only Japanese men but also women enamored.


2. Keiko Kitagawa

DOB: August 22, 1986

She has led the best face rankings 4 times in the past in 2010, 2013, 2014 & 2015, and her beauty has not yet waned to date.

Her style is perfect no matter what angle you look at her from, and together with her cool beauty it grabs the attention of Japanese females. The word “cool beauty” must have been created just for her.

Her blitz marriage in 2016 with Daigo, a celebrity entertainer whose father is former Prime Minister Takeshita, made sensational news that is still fresh in our memories.


3. Yui Aragaki

DOB: June 11, 1988

She was already considered a well-known actress in 2016, but her role in a TV drama “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu” (Fleeing is Shameful but Beneficial) gained her more fans across a wide range of ages regardless of gender.

Her natural beauty has not changed over time and it attracts fans. She receives strong support from young females in their teens and 20s particularly as a model female they’d strive for.


4. Haruka Ayase

DOB: March 24, 1985

Many Japanese women admire her white smooth beautiful skin that has not shown any sign of decline despite her age. She is not only cute but also blessed with beauty with transparent feeling.

She is known as a popular actress that played in many popular TV dramas. Many costars would affectionately mention her episodes of exhibiting innocent misunderstandings, reflecting her personality that makes many fans feel closer to her.


5. Kyoko Fukada

DOB: November 2, 1982

Her shining beauty is still present and admired by many Japanese women, and it is hard to believe she is in her 30s. She is cute but sexy, and the juxtaposition won’t let go of both Japanese men’s and women’s attention.

She has shone with bright cuteness from her teens to early 20s, but now it has successfully changed into mellow and composed beauty. We are looking forward to seeing her beauty flower in the future, too.


6. Mirei Kiritani

DOB: December 16, 1989

Many people must notice that her face is small, and it is perhaps no exaggeration to say her face is the smallest in Japanese entertainment industry. (Many Japanese people are self-conscious about their faces being big in proportion to the body.)

She is quite beautiful with clear facial features that give a strong impression, but her mouth is curving downward like a cute duck’s beak. She has an outstanding body shape with long slender arms and legs.

She is undoubtedly a model of beauty many Japanese women have longing for.


7. Kasumi Arimura

DOB: February 13, 1993

Her facial features radiate gentleness and big eyes are so attractive.

Since she gained spotlight and became popular nationwide by playing in “Ama-chan”, a TV novel aired in the morning by NHK, she grew to be a particularly popular actress among young stars, landed on many roles in various TV dramas.

We are awed at the transparent beauty of her skin while our hearts are touched and soothed with her pretty smile. She is one of the most shining actresses now.


8. Nozomi Sasaki

DOB: February 8, 1988

She is one an actresses filled with cute attractiveness judged from Japanese women’s point of view, and some women would even say they love every part of her face. She is currently active as an actress, model, and even as a singer.

When she appeared in a commercial film for “Fit’s”, a gum manufactured and sold by Lotte Co. Ltd., she suddenly became a favorite of Japanese households with her unique dance and natural cuteness.

As she has recently announced her marriage her radiance with happiness may polish up and increase her beauty ever more.


9. Aoi Miyazaki

DOB: November 30, 1985

She is still keeping her transparent atmosphere in her 30s since her teens and that’s one of her attractiveness. Though her facial features are not glamorous, sparkles that shine through her simplicity speak eloquently of her talent as an actress.

While she has played many roles in TV dramas, she made appearance in a number of movies at the same time. She may have made a stronger impression as a film actress for many.


10. Haruka Igawa

DOB: June 29, 1976

She is the only 40-something that ranked in the top 10, and her beauty is still shining as before.

When she first debuted she was popular with her comforting cuteness, but since she married and gave birth she became a popular fashion leader representing her peer, being featured on the cover page of magazines catered for 30-something married women.

Her beauty increases as she ages and many Japanese women are obsessed with her.


This time I introduced 10 top female celebrities with faces that Japanese women would love to have.
Japanese women appear to favor faces with cute impression, but this ranking seems to suggest they seek beauty in their female idols after all.

Which Japanese do you think would rank first in your country?
As preference in faces varies from country to country, ranking result may become completely different.

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