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Macross Delta :Anime of Song, Love and Robot

This time I am introducing “Macros Delta”, which aired in Japan during 2016.

This series is a sequel of “Super Dimension Fortress Macross”, a TV anime broadcasted from 1982 to 1983, about 30 years ago from now.

Counting the Super Dimension Fortress Macross as the first story, Macross Delta is the seventh story of this series.

As an anime broadcasted on TV, the current story is the fourth of the series.



It is in the year 2067 and 60 years into the future after earthlings have encountered and warred against aliens Zentrady.

Humans have reached a point to construct an interstellar organization in a corner of the vast Galactic system.

But humans are not fighting against aliens now; they are confronted with a threat of “Var Syndrome” which drives patients with uncontrollable destructive impulses. 

The story starts in a group of immigrant planets located within Brisingal Globular Cluster.

17-year old Hayate Immelmann is wandering aimlessly among the planets without being able to find hope for his future due to his young age.

The other main character Freyja Vion is a 14 year old girl.

It has been her dream since early childhood to become a member of “Walküre”, a tactical music unit.

Making patients hear “the song” is an efficient way to control attacks of the Var Syndrome, and it is sung by singers who belong to the tactical music unit Walküre.

The two of them, both Hayate and Freyja eventually join the Walküre.

They carry out their missions using “Valkyrie”, which is a combat aircraft that can transform into a robot.

Then Valkyrie Force of Aerial Knights from Windermere Kingdom appears in front of their tactical music unit Walküre.

And the story starts unfolding dramatically.



“Macross” in the title is the name of a space battleship that stages the story.

The first installment of Macross appears in the first series of this anime.

The Macross that appears in the current series is one of its successor ships and it is called Macross Elysion.

The battleship transforms itself into a giant robot as the first generation Macross did, and it is one of the highlights of the story.

“Song” constitutes an important element of the story.

This song has been also an element passed down from the time of the first Macross, and it was then used in critical situations including coming in contact with aliens.

This time the song is being used and characterized as a type of weapon.

Another important element of the story is love.

Unusual for a mecha anime, this story treats love as a main subject.

A love triangle develops involving the main characters Hayate Immelmann & Freyja Vion and a third person called Mirage Farina Jenus.

Such human drama is also an attractive point of this story.

Valkyrie, a combat aircraft that the main characters pilot is a robot that transforms into 3 types.

The “Fighter” type is to fly through the sky as a combat aircraft.

In the “Gull Walk” mode it extends both arms and legs only and makes zippy movements.

The “Battroid” type is a humanoid, designed for ground war.

These types of robots are also continuously used since the time of the first Macross and they were sensational hits in the first series.

The best part of transforming robots can be found in the scene of transformation and right after that.

But Macross series have adopted action scenes in which robots transform instantaneously depending on the situation.

The Fighter type enters the battlefield, shoots all the missiles, then changes into the Gull Walk type and fights while dodging enemy attacks.

Once it comes close to the enemy, it lands on the ground, transforming into the Battroid type at the same time in violent and rapid actions.

These dazzling actions are the highlights of this story.


Three-dimensional computer graphics have been utilized in the current series and production of animation for these actions can be easily completed.

But when the first series was aired in 1982 hand-drawn animation was the mainstream and speedy, continuous changes of scenes were quite innovative.

Thus these fluid action scenes were called “Itano Circus”, taking the name of the animation director back then.


The current series has inherited some pieces from the first series and you may find achievements by a character that appeared in the first series and so on.

However this series is an independent work and enjoyable as it is. If you belong to a young generation that doesn’t know the first series, don’t worry and just try this one.

If your interest is stirred up to feel that you would like to know the world settings of the story more, of course you can enjoy other series, too.

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