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Top 10 Faces of Popular Actors Japanese Men Admire and Would Love to Have

Nowadays it is not only women; more men are devoting time to maintain their beauty and style. We often witness men paying attention to what they eat and exercising in order to maintain their appearance and youth.

When people keep up with their daily training we presume many of them may hold onto the image of their favorite actors in mind as a goal to reach, more often than we’d think, don’t you?

That being said this time I am introducing 10 most admired faces Japanese men would love to have, the faces they consider as goals to attain.
You will get to know what type of appearance Japanese men would find cool when you read this article.

*This article is based on a year-end ranking published every year by Oricon Style, which distributes news on performance arts, music, and so on in Japan.


1. Dean Fujioka

DOB: August 19, 1980

He has made a major breakthrough by playing the role of Tomoatsu Godai in “Asa ga Kita”, a serialized TV drama aired weekday mornings by NHK (Japan’s public TV station).

He is currently a multilingual fluent in Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Indonesian but he was actually born and raised in Japan. After graduating from a university in the USA, he has been active as an actor, model and musician primarily in Asia.

Contrary to his sweet appearance, he has trained in Chinese martial arts and kickboxing, what a cool guy he is. I guess he is an impeccable man to admire even from men’s point of view.


2. Yutaka Takenouchi

DOB: January 2, 1971

He is a seasoned actor, and it isn’t an overstatement to say that he was one of the leading actors who contributed to the popularity of Japanese TV dramas for young audience in the 1990s. In the movie of “Reisei to Jonetsu no Aida”, released in 2001, he costarred with the beautiful Hong Kong actress, Kelly Chen.

He was one of first actors whose faces were openly praised as “ikemen” good looks in the past, but nowadays his face acquired manly toughness as he matured. His appearance receives high marks not only from women but also from men. I think he is capable of making same-sex audience convinced that they would like to mature as he did.


3. Takeru Sato

DOB: March 21, 1989

He is known for his acting talent among young actors, having received many awards for his performance to prove it.

He received his first title role of a serialized TV drama in “Kamen Rider Den-O”, one of Kamen (Masked) Rider series broadcasted in Heisei era, and gained popularity not only in small children but also their mothers.

In the movie adaptation of “Rurouni Kenshin” released in 2012, he has shown superb sword plays with his natural excellent athletic abilities, wowing many fans with breathtaking performance.

Tender expression in his eyes and fresh mood signifies his handsome face, and I bet he appears attractive not only to women but also to men.


4. Osamu Mukai

DOB: February 7, 1982

His acting career is about 10 years, relatively short considering his age, but he made lasting impression on many Japanese people’s memories in the year of his debut with his fantastic performance in “Nodame Cantabile”, a blockbuster TV drama. 

Most important work in his career is “GeGeGe no Nyobo”, a morning TV novel series broadcasted daily by NHK. With the hit of this drama, he quickly joined the stardom as a successful actor.

He is an actor with a slender physique and impressive sweet mask, and many men admire his comely face.


5. Takuya Kimura

DOB: November 13, 1972

He is one of the former members of SMAP, a male idol group in Japan that finally dissolved on December 31, 2016. Known by a nickname of “Kimutaku”, he is still loved by many fans as an actor and singer today.

So far he has taken starring roles in many TV dramas and movies and his reputation is widely known not only in Japan but also in Asia.

He is also known for his stylish fashion and hairstyle and not a few men take his outfit worn on TV programs as a reference point to emulate.

I imagine many men long for his dignified coolness that doesn’t show signs of waning over the years.


6. Satoshi Tsumabuki

DOB: December 13, 1980

Photo by wikipedia

He played the main character in “Waterboys”, a movie adaptation released in 2001, and its success has catapulted him into mainstream in Japan.

He built up a successful acting career afterwards and firmly established popularity by being highly acclaimed for his performance in a historical drama “Tenchijin” aired by NHK in 2009.

His charm is associated with his face likable for everyone and his soothing smile. His image has a natural, carefree feeling, and perhaps men may find it favorably.


7. Sota Fukushi

DOB: May 30, 1993

Photo by sota fukushi

By now “Kamen Rider” series on TV is a gateway for young men with good looks to climb up to stardom. He was casted in the title role of “Kamen Rider Fourze”, a series commemorating the 40th anniversary since its birth, and became very popular with small children and their mothers.

In 2013 his performance in “Ama-chan”, a morning TV novel on NHK called a buzz and he has steadily made appearance in TV dramas and movies since then.

His well-proportioned facial features and refreshing mood appear of course fabulous to the eyes of the female, but seen from men’s point of view, he is considered cool, too.


8. Hiroshi Tamaki

DOB: January 14, 1980

Photo by wikipedia

He had to make a living by taking up part-time jobs for a few years after his debut, but his name made a breakthrough by his performance in a blockbuster TV drama of “Nodame Cantabile” in 2006. Since then he has landed on major roles in various movies and TV dramas, successfully building up his acting career.

He broke a new ground in his acting technique when he starred in “Asa ga Kita”, a morning TV novel on NHK in 2015, and many fans were charmed once again by his attractiveness as an actor.

His charm as a man increases as he ages, and this must be the reason many men also admire him.


9. Sho Sakurai

DOB: January 25, 1982

He is a member of “Arashi”, the top male idol group in Japan now. His activities are wide-ranged as an actor, master of ceremony or presenter of information in TV programs, not just as an idol.

Currently he is a regular on “News Zero”, a news program in Japan, presenting information on Mondays as well as delivering breadth of his knowledge and insight to Japanese households.

His charm is in his tender eyes and cuteness as if he were in his teens without letting people sense his true age being in his 30s.

He is well-mannered as well as elegant and many men voice admiring words for it.


10. Kento Yamazaki

DOB: September 7, 1994

He is a young actor whose popularity is now rising to the zenith faster than any birds can fly. He has starred in many movie adaptations of shojo-manga for girls, and he is adored as a prince by teenage girls with a nickname of “Kabedon Prince”. Since his debut as an actor in 2010, he played many different roles in TV dramas and movies.

His movies scheduled to be released in 2017 are “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Chapter 1”, “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.”, “Hyoka” and so on, and further success is expected in his acting career.

A hint of tender childlike quality remains in his face, but no matter who looks at him, he is likely considered a cool “ikemen” good-looking guy. I can see why men would admire him.


What did you think? This time I introduced top ten men celebrities selected by Japanese men who would like to have faces similar to theirs.

This ranking is produced by a process of Japanese men choosing male celebrities in Japan and tallying them.

When I look at the top 10 rankers, they are all attractive Japanese men from Japanese female’s point of view, but people abroad may feel differently.

It might be fun to think about which Japanese may rank No. 1 in your country.

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