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15 Seasonally Exclusive Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Food and Drinks of 2017!

Every year when spring comes around and it becomes warm, forecast of cherry blossom blooming starts in Japan. It is one of the pleasures in spring to decide where to go on the weekend or when to go view the sakura cherry blossoms, following the forecasts.

This time I am introducing one pleasure of spring that enthralls people; cherry-flavored sweets, common beverages, and other recommended food that you can enjoy only in spring.

Sakura food and drink associated with the image of cherry blossoms are cute and so are their packages. As they can be easily purchased at convenience stores, supermarkets or cafés please give them a try by all means, if you are visiting Japan during the cherry blossom season!


1. “Sakura-no-Wa-Parfait” (Seven-Eleven)

Pink sakura mousse (top layer) and kanten agar jelly (bottom layer) are placed in a black cup with a hint of traditional Japanese aesthetic, topped with shiratama rice powder balls and green-tea cream.

It features cherry-flavored white bean paste and salt-pickled cherry blossom. It’s a perfect product to enjoy seasonal Japanese-style sweets in spring.


2. Cheese Soufflé Cake with Cherry Fragrance (Lawson)

Whipped cream decorating the top of cheese soufflé cake conjures the image of a spring breeze.

This is a spring sweet that lets you enjoy the fluffy texture.


3. “Pomu Donuts” with Cherry Flavored Cream (Seven-Eleven)

“Sakura Whip”, or cream flavored with cherry liqueur which gives the product its name, and paired with whipped cream is outstanding!

Donuts are packed with cream and perfect for a snack.


4. Edible Animals “Sakura Rilakkuma” (Lawson)

Faces of Rilakkuma (relaxed bear cub) and Kiiroi-tori (yellow bird) are so finely detailed that you hesitate to eat it. They are made of nerikiri, combination of white bean paste and sugar, a common ingredient of Japanese-style unbaked sweets.

Please don’t save it forever simply because they are too cute to eat.


5. “Sakura-mochi” (Tirol-Choco)

Tirol-Choco is a well-known chocolate manufacturer in Japan, and the company is offering “Sakura-mochi (sakura rice cake)” again this year for a limited period in spring.

This product reproduces the taste of sakura rice cake and anko sweet bean paste with chocolate and it gives you a sense of spring.


6. “Sakura Anman” Buns (FamilyMart)

Pink-colored, cherry flavored bun contains bean jam and mochi rice cake in the center. The balance is so exquisite that it’s hard not to reach out for another one.

This sweet bun is perfect for spring and you would like to enjoy it while admiring cherry blossoms.


7. “Sakura Mochimochi An Pie” (Lotteria)

It’s not possible for sweet bean paste wrapped in springy chewy pie crust to be anything but delicious!

This is an original sweet created by Lotteria, reproducing a traditional Japanese-style spring confection called “Sakuramochi”, but using pie crust.


8. “Merenge (Meringue) Sakura”

These sweets are made of cherry-flavored meringue with petals of cherry blossoms expressed one by one.

Light texture is its characteristic and it melts fluffily the moment you put it into your mouth.


9. “Sakura Saku Sakura Jelly”

This jelly is flavored with sakura and it contains petals of cherry blossoms.

When you eat it, flavor of cherry and spring season itself spreads in your mouth.


10. “Sakura Jam”

This preserve is sold only in spring, and it is made of cherry blossoms.

Enjoy the taste of spring by spreading it on a toast or mixing it with yogurt.


11. “Sakura Blossom Cream Frappucino & Latte” (Starbucks)

This is the classic spring drink at Starbucks in Japan!

Sakura drink is very popular nationwide and it is such a gem that we feel craving for it when spring comes around the corner this time of the year.


12. “Sakura Raspberry Milk” (Starbucks)

Good thing about them is that they are easily obtainable at convenience stores or supermarkets.

How about taking a stroll on a cherry-lined street while enjoying the latte containing plenty of milk pudding?


13. “Sakura Tea” (Lipton)

Black tea that gives you refreshing taste of cherry blossom is great for a tea break in spring.

Tender aroma of Sakura Tea helps you feel the coming of spring.


14. White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drink (Lindt)

This drink is a variation of a white chocolate drink and its finishing touch is in its topping made of raspberry-powdered white chocolate and cherry sauce.

Moderate sweetness will surely capture your heart.


15. -196 Degrees Celsius “Sakura Sakuranbo Chuhai” (Suntory, contains alcohol)

Sweet and tangy taste of “Sato Nishiki”, a top brand of cherries, and flavor of sakura liqueur brings the feeling of spring.

This is ideal for spring home parties or drinking at cherry blossom viewing.


Japanese people have enjoyed annual events of “ohanami” since ancient times. It is held when the season of cherry blossoms arrives, enjoying dining with friends and families under cherry trees while appreciating the beauty of the flowers.

If you are visiting Japan in spring, please give ohanami a try, taking along sakura food and sakura drink introduced this time. I’m sure it will make best memories for you.

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